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    I’m close to the 1 Go cache size and get the warning that I’m reaching max cache size soon.

    I don’t want to reduce cache size or delete it (as many topics here ask for). I would prefer to increase max cache size to 10 Go, so that I don’t get that warning anymore.

    How can I do that? Is it possible to do it without losing this setting everytime I update the plugin?

    Thank you.

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    First of all re. warning; you should consider cache size the canary in the coalmine, increasing max. size just lets the canary sing a little longer but it is still suffering (meaning; your site isn’t performing optimally) 😉

    Now if you insist AO has a filter that allows you to alter cache size like this (you can use the code snippets plugin to safely and easily add this code);

    function increase_ao_cachesize() {
        return 1024 * 1024 * 1024;

    hope this helps,



    Thanks for the answer, but why do you say the website is suffering because of cache size?

    I have thousands of different posts with views every day. Isn’t it good if every post is properly cached?

    I didn’t inline JS and I get ~0,7s loading speed for the pages thanks to the different cache/CDN/optimizations I use. A bigger Autoptimize cache would make it slower?

    Thanks for any information 🙂

    Plugin Author Optimizing Matters


    have a look at for reasons why a bigger AO cache indeed is an indication of sub-optimal performance kerigeme.

    also take into account that AO does not do page caching, it only caches the JS/ CSS.

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