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  • Hi,

    Love the plugin and I’ve used it reliably on three sites for some time now.

    Just wondering if you could offer any advice on recent increase in spam being received, despite changing the challenge question (from “1 + 1 =” to “3 + 2 =”). Do I need to get more obscure with my challenge (risking that real contacts might give up..)?

    Spam seems automated porn-related stuff so I don’t imagine there’s a human doing this, but I can’t be sure 🙂

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Plugin Author WPKube


    The better ones can go around the honeypot, it’s not a bulletproof solution. Basically whatever method gets invented to stop spam bots it will be circumvented eventually.

    Even the Google’s Captcha system was compromised. Basically what happened is that the bot would tell the captcha that it’s a blind user so it gave the bot the captcha in a sound format which the bot turned into regular text and figured out the solution.

    After a while they fixed that but another method came up, basically when the bot runs into it it sends the captcha request to a real person from a country that’s not doing great financially ( so it’s cheap ) and that person would solve the captcha, bot gets the solution and passes it on which solves the captcha.

    But those kind of bots don’t usually go to random websites, they’re targeted to specific websites.

    So, the time check system will also be implemented in the plugin. We’ll see how that works out. As mentioned it basically checks the time difference between the form showing and submission, a bot is unlikely to wait ( but possible, depends on the bot ) before submitting the form, it does it as soon as it loads.

    ok, I’ll switch back to your plugin when you release the new version and will give it a try.

    Interesting what you say, I was about to switch on Google reCAPTCHA v3 (which the other form plugin offers as an option), but will hold off for now.

    Plugin Author WPKube


    Well you can try Google reCAPTCHA, it’s definitely the most powerful one, the methods used to break it are used by the better bots that don’t target random websites.

    But keep in mind that a captcha is a method that affects humans as well, not just bots. Unlike honeypot and time measure, which only affect bots. Some visitors might give up on completing the form if they see a captcha.

    Will try reCAPTCHA v3 which evidently is hidden from users

    Plugin Author WPKube


    Oh, I actually didn’t know about v3. Just checked out the video and to be honest I didn’t really understand how the points system works.

    Checked out a few more things and I noticed something I don’t really like. It adds a pretty big icon in the bottom right corner of the page with reCAPTCHA privacy policy link.

    The honeypot didn’t really worked for me, but I’m now using UNICODE characters that displays as a number, but are actually not numbers (using emoji) to display the challenge. That way, I’ve got 0 SPAM now.

    Plugin Author WPKube


    Oh that’s interesting, thanks for letting us know.

    @rondowd – Can you give that a try?

Viewing 7 replies - 16 through 22 (of 22 total)
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