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  • Hi guys,

    I’m running a small hotel in a small town, and would like to appear number one on google. I have several years of experience with wordpress so I did all the usual stuff: categories, tags, keywords, description are all in place, nicely organized with all-in-one SEO. That will certainly get me to the first page, but not necessarily the number one result.

    What would be the best and/or cheapest way to get to number one?

    Please share your thoughts,

    Thank you

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  • Write unique and good content and get backlinks (not from the linking networks). Try to produce content which will be linked through other people (link baits).

    But mostly content is the key 🙂

    One of the best ways to get listed on page 1 on a Google search is to have both a unique website and business name..

    Google ‘Smith Hotel’ (Generic)


    Google ‘Jiffronnie’s Abode’ <=100% unique in search as of today

    It does matter!

    ‘Content’ matters for sites with hundreds of posts, but a site with say 5 pages and basic company/product info is not the same.

    Also make sure you use Google Webmaster Tools (properly).

    Sure, content is key, but I am up against other businesses with similar content and use who-knows-what kind of ad-words and seo boosting packages

    I have yet to configure webmaster and will certainly do that.

    Make sure to look at Google Local and maybe even ‘buy’ your listing…paid placement is what you see at the very top. As you are catering to travelers, I suggest you have at least a basic mobile theme also, such as with WPtouch – Pro version available also to make a customized (mobile served only) child theme…

    Good suggestions, I haven’t tested how responsive my present theme is. I would hate to change it unless I really have to.

    Also will investigate how much it costs to ‘buy’ myself to the top

    You do NOT have to change you current theme to use this sets up and delivers a quick simple page to your mobile visitors.

    Not terribly responsive, but with my simple flat menu it is not that problematic:

    I also find out that one of my clients sites that has a supposedly responsive theme is completely messed up. Hopefully a fluid image plugin can sort that out

    Thanks, this really helps.

    I check my sites at Google PageSpeed Insights, now with a new feature, ‘Critical Path Explorer’

    Also, validate at The W3C Markup Validation Service. Many plugins and themes can introduce validation errors (which get fixed over time), the most important part is does your page render as designed and quickly?

    You may also want to review compression with your host


    BTW, you also have a redirect from // to //, review with host to have a cname for www and review the redirect rules.

    thanks again, I’ll be busy the coming days 🙂

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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