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    I am using a theme called FreshBlue and everything seems to be working fine except for the fact that the comments’s font, when they are displayed, is too small for the age of my blog’s visitors. Can someone please guide me in changing the font size FOR THE COMMENTS DISPLAY ONLY ? Thanks and best regards.

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  • You would change this through the CSS file for your theme. Somewhere in there will be the styles that control the look of the comment font.

    Hard to tell you what to do otherwise without seeing the actual site.

    Thanks for your reply. I have looked at the CSS file sections that seem to be associated with comments and none of them have a font-size parameter. In any case, here’s the blog URL:

    Please refer to the first article (last on the list) which is the only one that has comments thus far.

    try adding this to your stylesheet

    ol.commentlist {
    font-size: 14px;

    Ok, here’s what is happening in your site.

    You’re right — there is no separate style for the comments text. The set up of the site is that comment text should have the same text style as the regular post entries.

    However, you are apparently copying your text out of MS Word before pasting it into the editor. MS Word always carries a bunch of embedded style crap with it if you directly paste it into the editor. So it’s carrying the embedded font-size with it — and displaying at a larger size.

    But when people enter comments, they are not pasting out of Word, so the extra font style of your entries is not being applied — the font is displaying (correctly) at the size specified by the stylesheet.

    You can test my theory by directly typing a new post into WordPRess (no copying from Word). If my theory is right, it will display at the smaller size that the comments are.

    Here’s how your stylesheet sets up fonts –

    Your stylesheet specifies the default font-size to be 11px here:

    	font-family:Trebuchet MS, sans-serif;
    	font-size: 11px;
    	background:#4d4d4d url('images/bg.gif') repeat-x top;

    Then, farther down, it has this:

    .entry {text-algin: justify;
    	font-size: 1.20em;
    	color: #02171d}

    The entry class is what styles your post text. It is set to display at 1.2 ems of the default font, but is being overridden by your embedded MS Word codes. (By the way, note the typo of “text-align” — that’s in your actual stylesheet.) This style is being applied to comments, however, with no interference from embedded styles.

    So, there are two different ways you could change the size of your default post text. One is to change the default font in the body selector (quoted above) to a larger size. However, your style sheet often uses ems for font sizes, so this may change other areas as well, such as your sidebar.

    The better way would be to change the font-size of the .entry class — try 1.3em or 1.4em and see what you think. Also, you should stop pasting directly from MS Word into the editor. You can sanitize MS Word text by pasting it into NotePad or some other plaintext editor first and then copying it out. Some WordPress editors are also set up with a “paste from word” button that will do the same thing.

    Boober, StrangeAttractor : Both of you were right on the money. Problem was solved. Thanks for your prompt and invaluable help.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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