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    Current implementation of this plugin incorrectly overrides Right Alt + Z keyboard shortcut to force Ctrl + Z (Undo) operation.

    This renders Markdown QuickTags nearly completely unusable in blogs that uses Polish language or any other language that uses Right Alt for entering language-specific characters.

    To avoid such problems, it was defined years ago, that programs and applications should not use Right Alt for any kind of operational shortcouts. Current implementation of Markdown QuickTags breaks this definition.

    This should be fixed ASAP in my opinion.

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  • As I may see (this issue), you have been informed about this issue a year ago and though didn’t introduced any change.

    Pity, because Markdown QuickTags really looked promising and I was hoping to use it. But, since you weren’t interested in introducing tiny fix for over a year, that means you don’t want to support nor further develop this extension anymore. Pity…

    I manage to fix this problem myself! All you have to do, is to change line 430 of wp-content/plugins/markdown-quicktags/js/quicktags.jquery.js from:

    if (ev.ctrlKey || ev.metaKey) { // && $.browser.safari


    if ((ev.ctrlKey || ev.metaKey) && !ev.altKey) { // && $.browser.safari

    If you’re using WordPress 3.2 or older do the same trick in line 428 of quicktags3.2.jquery.js.

    Issue is resolved, but author should include this changes in official release, as he has promised over a year ago.

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