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    On “Search Appearance”, among others types of posts is PageBuilder post type. But opposite to others, this block is empty^ is not possible even Show in Search Results (the button doesn’t exists for this type of posts.
    So the AIOSEO appears in PopupBuilder editer page, but it’s absolutely useless and can be a reason for some errors.

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    Actually, there a a number of post types that are not a real posts, like: popupbuilder, saswp, shortcoder, text-blocks` in my site and I believe that there are a lot more. They don’t need SEO, because they are a just a technical objects. Creating SEO for them make them working slow, open gates for possible errors and increase DB.

    In v3.8 there were a very simple list of all registered post-types for the site that you converted to a complex tuning blocks for just a single post-types. This idea is absolutely crooked.

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    It become much better on General Sitemap in v.
    1) “Post Types” field shows all post_types and allow to switch off any of them? that is very good!!

    2) “Taxonomies” shows a lot of taxonomies with the same name. Where do you take this names and what’s the reason of the translation the names?????
    3) “Post Type Priority Score” doesn’t save all values where they are not grouped.
    4) What’s the reason of the existence “Taxonomy Priority Score” if there is just 1 row inside independently is it grouped or not??

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    Another things are:

    you don’t like attachments so much that upgrade to v. changes the setting “Redirect Attachment URLs” (page “Image SEO”) from “disable” to “attachments” by itself without asking it. Happily I have found it and returned back.

    Setting to NoIndex on page “Image SEO” removes all attachments from Sitemap independently of the setting on page sitemap!!! What’s is that???

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    Hey @forcesail,

    I’ll try to address your concerns below:

    1. We allow you to control the SEO for all the public post types and taxonomies that are registered on your website. Unfortunately there’s no way for us to figure out whether a public post type or taxonomy is actually used on the front-end or whether it’s just used internally by another plugin like a page builder. This is why we display all of them.

    2. If you have taxonomies with a similar name, you can hover over the icon next to them to trigger a tooltip that shows you their name and slug. This is how they are registered by the plugins you’re using and this isn’t something we can change. If their names are translated, then that means they are translated inside the plugin/theme that registered them. Unfortunately, this isn’t something we can change either.

    3. I’m not entirely sure what you mean. Would you be able to clarify what you mean?

    4. If you disable the “Grouped” setting, it will display a row for each of the taxonomies that is registered on your website.

    5. nor any of our previous updates forcefully changes a setting. “Redirect Attachment URLs” has been the default setting from the start so you probably always had it set to that value before.

    6. We remove it from the sitemap because search engines will throw errors when you submit noindexed pages via your sitemap.

    Since you are a Pro customer, I would recommend that you reach out to us here so that we can follow up with you more quickly – https://aioseo.com/contact/

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    Hello and thank you for the explanations. But:

    1) Yes, you are right. So, it’s strange that you list just part of them, filtered by very unexpectable way.
    SELECT distinct taxonomy FROM wp_term_taxonomy
    returns 11 values. Why I see just 6 on the page of the plugin?

    2) Ok! It’s much better then I have found by myself. But what’s the reason to make so intuitively unclear design that you need to explain how it works. And again BUT:
    a) it works only when hoovering the icon, nit the whole field. Why?
    b) To translate the names it’s very bad idea and you can avoid it.
    c) But it would be much better to show slug, name and taxonomy all together (when you stop to waste space of screen on the hugests margines you will get a lot of space for that!!
    d) Are you going to explain this unclear functionality to everyone?

    3) If you switch off “groped” for “Post Type Priority Score” you see the list of post_types and you can set priority and frequency separately for everyone. Then you press button “Save” then reload the page and you see, that the most values have saved but not all. for some post_types values returned to “default”. You repeat it a few times but the result is the same: the same post_types doesn’t save values.

    4) Yes, I expected that, but it doesn’t work. Nothing is changing.

    5) When I update from v3 to v.4.1.11 testing-site I played with “Redirect Attachment URLs” and returned it back.
    When I updated the main site from v.3 to v.4.1.12 the “Redirect Attachment URLs” was “disabled” from the updating and all the time (I’m sure).
    When I updated to the “Redirect Attachment URLs” has changed to “redirect” that killed one of the most important logics of the site. Happily, I found it next day after the last upgrade.
    Nothing and never should be changed in the logic of functionality of a site by itself even if someone has decided that he knows better for others. Please, don’t follow the bad behavior of WP Team who destroyed millions of sites changing widgets to f*cking blocks in WP 5.8 and erasing some types widgets from site’s DBs. Please!

    6) The logic of work of different pages of settings on the plugin is different:
    a) image SEO / advanced / Robots Meta Settings/ Noindex – sets th default value for NoIndex for the attachments but doesn’t change the existing settings for the pages. It works that. I tested it (because the logic of my site set on it a lot). It’s perfect. It’s good.
    b) image SEO / Title & Description / Show in Search Results – is setting for existence of all seo for attachment. It can be noIndex (for search engines) but still importante to share it to Facebook, for example. SO, now it works illogical, substituting for NoIndex.
    c) SiteMaps for attachments are absolutely different and don’t depends of default value of noIndex for attachments because there are other attachments that marked as indexed. So until attachments marked as includable to sitemaps they should be included, please.

    Yes, in the most of the cases attachments are absolutely useless pages that only mess site and entangle search engines. But it’s possible to arrange some very useful constructions on them. For example, among a few thousands useless attachments there are a couple of hundreds that used as testimonials pages like this one:
    and there is no one plugin that supports the same functionality with Facebook avatars and links. So attachments can be very useful in case one knows what he’s doing.

    With all these reports I feel myself as a chief of the testers group of your team, but still doesn’t have access to start testing the PRO functionality. :)) So I can’t write you to email.
    However I can imagínate how much work is there :))

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