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    Incorrect Values or No results found

    Been having some issues with your free plugin, wondering if you can help me pin point the issue(s)

    Example we have an Artist called GEO-D
    Which his information shows up what he has released on Beatport however it’s not showing the correct Artwork for the release

    We also are trying to link our labels catalog to Beatport also without success
    We currently have the shortcode as
    [beatport_discography_sc feed="label" label="HOUSE ROX RECORDS" items="release"]
    This has been tried with lowercase with House+Rox+Records and House-Rox-Records

    Could you provide some assistance its probably something simple
    Thanks for your support

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  • Plugin Author Federico Giust



    I had a look at your issues.

    Regarding the Artwork, the API provides 3 sizes of artwork per release. The plugin uses the midsize one which is the one assigned for your label releases, which looks like the Label Logo.

    Regarding the label catalogue, there is a new version of the plugin which fixes that issue.

    Please update your plugin so you can get your label catalogue.

    Thanks for using the plugin!


    Thanks for the reply, the updated cleared this issue up.
    Moving onto something related as the label catalogue is now displaying, can it display the correct artwork for each track / release ?

    As if you look at
    You will see they are all bar from one the labels logo not the release logo

    additionally is it possible to use our own API information from Beatport instead of using yours ?

    Plugin Author Federico Giust



    As mentioned above, the artwork is what the API provides.

    Your label is set up to use the label logo for medium sized images which is the one used by the plugin. If you need to change that, you then need to get in touch with Beatport or your distribution company to update that accordingly.

    “additionally is it possible to use our own API information from Beatport instead of using yours ?”

    Not possible with this version of the plugin.

    Beatport API requires OAuth to connect and get the data, not all hosting providers give you the option to install PHP OAuth extension, specially on shared hosting.

    At the moment there is no usage limit on the API, so to make everyones life easier, this plugin uses my server as a middle point.

    Thanks for your response,
    We do not need to change our label logo, what I’m explaining is that via

    if you look through the list carefully you will see a release that has the correct artwork, and all the rest with the Label artwork.

    Any my suggestion of releasing the plugin to add your own API information is for when and if your server does not respond it will affect the pages on the website.

    As I believe it will just make the pages hang and response time will be longer.

    Having the API and Auth locally will make things faster, so an option for future development with a setting regards adding your own API info if your server has OAuth Installed.

    Plugin Author Federico Giust


    As mentioned before, that is an issue that you should address to your distributor or beatport directly.

    The API provides 3 sizes for each artwork (standard images, not dynamicImages), the plugin uses the middle size one.

    If you look at the JSON that you get from the API

    Then search for any release id at random for example 1351971

    You will see that this is the artwork provided by the API
    SMALL :
    MEDIUM :
    LARGE :

    The same thing happens to most of your label releases, so the problem is at Beatport side, not on the plugin.

    I do not work for Beatport so I can’t help you there. You should contact them directly or via your distributor.

    About the OAuth I’ll keep a note for future releases.


Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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