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    I’ve been using a Who’s Online Plugin to monitor site activity when I share a blog. Wednesday I shared a blog with a 5 minute video. When I first shared it, there were 15 people on that blog. Periodically I hit F5 to see how many were still there. There were 12 people who actually stayed the full 5 minutes – during the first 5 minutes when I shared it. When looking at the stats for that day – there is only 2 visits for that day. Where are all the other 13 visits and the visits from the ENTIRE DAY because I know for sure that more than 15 people saw the video on my site. All of my stats are very low when I know they should be higher.

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  • Plugin Author Jeremy Herve


    Could you go to the Jetpack menu in your dashboard, and click on “Configure” in the Stats module? By default, Jetpack Stats do not include the visits from logged in users, which might explain the difference between your other tracking plugin and Jetpack.

    If you refreshed the page several times during the day, these visits might be counted in the Who’s Online Plugin, while they’re not in Jetpack.

    I already set the Jetpack up correctly. It is NOT counting the number of times “I” hit F5 – it’s not counting me. On the Who’s Online – there is a separate line with each Guest and their respective IP address and the page they are sitting on. There were 15 Guests who watched for the entire 5 minutes on the video blog – so those 15 should be counted as well as any other guests that showed up during the 24 hours period.

    Plugin Author Jeremy Herve


    Could you give me your site URL, so I can investigate further?

    If you want this URL to remain private, you can contact us through our contact page here:

    Here it is – Thank you.

    Plugin Author Jeremy Herve


    Thanks! I had a look at your Stats, and they seem to display much more than 2 visits in the past week.
    Could you look at your Site Stats again, and let me know if it looks right on your end as well?

    If you still experience issues, could you send us more details about the post itself and its publishing date?
    If you refer to that support thread, I should be able to follow up and investigate further.

    Sorry, it wasn’t the main site – it was this blog – The stats show that there were only 2 visits and that’s WRONG! 12 people watched the video in its entirety within the 5 minutes when I first published it. Where are all the other visits?

    Plugin Author Jeremy Herve



    I tried to load this page in different browsers multiple times, and all my visits were recorded, as you can see if you look at your Stats now. The problem seems to be solved on my end.

    Did you previously use a Cache plugin that may have caused issues with your site’s tracking?

    This site doesn’t have any Cache plugins installed at all and it never has. So I don’t know what the problem is. I see 6 visits in there to the blog now. But I really needed that traffic on the 14th and now I can’t go back. So all the other days are wrong too. I didn’t have any backup analytics in place either. So I added Google Analytics in case this problem happens again.

    I will keep monitoring it. Thank you.

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