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    I’ve recently installed (Jan) WP 1.5 and have been tweaking and learning as I go to make my WP site my own ( The trouble is, I really have no real coding experience and lack the understanding of PHP to figure out WHY THE MONTHLY ARCHIVE LINKS AND CATEGORIES LINKS DO NOT WORK.

    If I have posts from January (or older), they ought to show in a results/query list when I click on the appropriate month’s link, correct? As with the Categories links, I should be able to click a category link and the resulting list should be all posts tagged with that specific catergory, correct?

    Clicking on January or earlier results in the URL indicating a link to “?m=200601”, but the post results are as if I never made a query — it still shows the latest posts I’ve made in Feb. It does not result in a list of posts from January only, it shows all posts.

    Same goes for the category links. When I click, I see the URL make like it’s going to pull correct results (“?cat=n” where n is whatever the category ID is), however, still a full list of ALL posts.

    I’m using the RELAXATION_3COLUMN theme with my little modifications. I have not, to my knowledge, made any tweaks to the “wp_get_archives” code.

    Any ideas as to how to make the correct tweaks to get this to wrok properly? Thanks in advance!

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Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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