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    Hi @dominiktdk

    Our plugin will show the price suffix of the main product at this position You calculate the VAT amount for the suffix, so our plugin doesn’t work correctly.

    Could you please try another way to show price suffix, e.g use percentage or just a text

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    Thanks kindly for your reply,
    At the moment my suffix is as follows: {price_including_tax} incl. Vat

    Yes, I am calculating and displaying tax this way. If I change the suffix to text only (i.e. “Ex. VAT”)- I will loose the numeric value of ‘VAT included’ price- which I can not afford (for businesses that deal with both: retail AND trade customers- a visitor expects both prices to be displayed).
    I believe that I am following the best and recommended method of achieving this (as suggested in woocommerce settings:…

    Since this seems to be commonly practiced way of displaying the ‘incl VAT’ price- couldn’t you- good people give us- users some better workaround option that would let us keep using the ‘Incl VAT’ numeric price as suffix of the base product- as it is?
    I.e.: Couldn’t your plugin:
    – instead of USING the suffix of the BASE PRODUCT PRICE…
    -> GENERATE the suffixes accordingly based on THESE PRICES:
    I mean- this should make perfect sense, but if the above is problematic- maybe just let us get rid of the suffixes in the ‘frequently bought together’ tab (as in my example)- so we can at least summarize the tab with information ‘Net value of additional products:’ (configured in your plugin’s ‘Additional price text’ field)

    Many thanks

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    Howya good people,
    Should we expect any further replies from your end regarding the above issue?
    We were considering getting some pro bundles from you but.. does it normally take so long for you to respond to customers/ potential customers queries?


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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