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    I’ve just set up this plug in and it’s working great except for one thing, The prices shown for with and without tax are both the same – the price without tax is the only price given.
    So my wordpress website will show one price, but when the user clicks on a product and gets the spreadshirt pop up they get the full price.

    Could this be a problem with the plug in or is it more likely with spread shirt?

    Thanks for the plug in!

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  • Plugin Author Thimo Grauerholz



    you can disable the price without tax – maybe your country don’t uses taxes 🙂 (just by disabling in the css)

    Nevertheless, the plugin get’s the prices from spreadshirt 🙂

    Have a nice weekend

    I have done this in the CSS, so it only shows the price with tax, however the price shown on wordpress is still the price without tax.

    The problem being that my wordpress website advertises the full price as less than it actually is.

    Thanks for your reply, I’ll see if I can get any help out of spreadshirt!

    Plugin Author Thimo Grauerholz


    otherwise try to clear the cache using spreadplugins’ settings page.

    I had a look through the code and I found the problem.
    Where your code pulls the prices, you had it pull the net price for both, the second should have been pricebrut, like this:

    (empty(self::$shopLocale) || self::$shopLocale==’en_US’ || self::


    EDIT –
    However I’ve now got the problem that when I add an item to my basket from my wordpress website the price is waaaaay cheaper than it should be when you look at it in the spreadshirt basket.

    Plugin Author Thimo Grauerholz


    this won’t change anything, because the prices are both the same (brut/net).
    Well, the only thing is that you could try to clear the cache in the settings menu of the plugin.

    If you’re from, I’ve checked the api-file I receive from spreadshirt and the price is same as the plugin is displaying.


    Yeah that’s the site =), I’ve just updated the css so it shows both prices again, the top price is net the second is brut – to me they’re shown as two different prices.

    The problem with the basket I mentioned in my edit seems to have disappeared though so must have been a weird temporary spreadshirt issue.

    Thanks for your time

    Plugin Author Thimo Grauerholz


    Hi blazadidle

    is everything working? Do you have any Problems with the plugin I can fix?

    Hi Thimo

    Sorry for the delay, I’m away at the moment but thanks for asking.

    I had a bit of trouble with setting it to display only a certain category. I had intermittent issues with adding things to my basket and they get added at a much cheaper price – I figured that was spreadshirt api though and have set it up to display as an iframe temporarily.

    Just wanted to reply so you know I wasn’t ignoring, I’ll see if I can figure out any more info for you when I’m back. Thanks =)

    Plugin Author Thimo Grauerholz


    Hi blazadidle,

    ok, looking forward hearing from you.


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