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  • seodex


    I followed Mailchimp’s instructions to create a product retargeting email, which includes installing and configuring the Mailchimp for WooCommerce plugin (see After issues with previous versions of the plugin, the latest update has now produced a nearly correct retargeting email – the only issue is that the price of the product in the top retargeting block is shown as $0. How do we fix this?

    Further notes:
    – The product in the retargeting block has the correct product title, image, and link (just not the correct price)
    – If you click on the product in the retargeting block, it goes to the correct product page with the correct pricing
    – Nowhere in the backend WordPress settings for the product is the price set to $0
    – The product recommendations block in the same Mailchimp campaign shows pricing properly for all 3 products in the block

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  • Plugin Author ryanhungate


    @seodex it’s really difficult to say what the problem is from our perspective at the plugin team – but what I can tell you is that if you’re able to turn on the DEBUG settings in the LOG tab of our plugin, you will be able to see the data that’s being submitted to Mailchimp FROM your site. The concept here would be to turn that feature on – then update a couple products – then you can re-check the logs to see the data that’s being passed over at that time to Mailchimp.

    If you’re actually seeing a zero dollar price in the submission, I would need some more information from you on why that’s being submitted as zero – and maybe you can shed some light on any additional plugins you’re using or possibly the “type” of products so we can understand where to resolve any issues on that area.

    We’ll be looking out for your response – thanks for writing in.

    Thanks, Ryan. In debug mode, I can confirm that the price is being transferred properly. I resynced and retested, but I won’t get the product retargeting email until 24 hours later, so I’ll update you then.

    For some reason, I didn’t receive the product retargeting email. I’m going to retest and click on more products this time. I’ll keep you posted.

    Plugin Author ryanhungate


    @seodex not sure if this is the case but there’s a few requirements that need to be met for a store to qualify for the Personal Recommendations option.

    Have at least 10 products.
    Have at least 50 customers.
    Have at least 500 orders in the last year.

    Also – for this particular type of support request, you’re going to be better suited talking directly to the Mailchimp support team while logged into your account because they can see your data and help you through these things much better than we can from the forum’s context.

    We at the plugin team support the syncing engine itself which as you’ve pointed out seems to be syncing properly.

    Let us know if you have anything at all that needed to be addressed with the plugin itself if you find out your issue has anything to do with this end 🙂

    Plugin Support khungate


    Hi @seodex, we just wanted to check back with you to see if this was still a problem with our latest plugin (2.4.7 at the time of this post). Please let us know when you get a moment, we’ll be happy to help troubleshoot further if necessary.



    Thanks for checking in. We weren’t able to get product retargeting to work and we couldn’t contact Mailchimp support because we don’t have a paid plan, but we have the abandoned cart email set up and running successfully instead.

    It only worked after we set up everything from scratch (after removing Mailchimp automations and removing Mailchimp plugin).

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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