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    On my server, I unpacked the lastest WordPress tar (2.0.5), placed it in the home directory of the site under ‘wwpp’ ( -> /home/html/mysite/wwpp/wp-admin), ran the install script which happily accessed mySQL, created tables and the admin acct. Tried to log into admin and got ‘Incorrect password’.

    Reset password. Same thing. Manually changed password in database. Same thing. Removed all tables from database, deleted wwpp directory, re-installed. ‘Incorrect password’.

    I’ve seen discussions about this problem several years ago but has anyone had this problem with a recent version?

    Configuraion wise, my Apache server has virtual hosts for mulitple domains (many domains share the same server) and I have WordPress installed in another domain and it’s working famously. (This also implies that the above problem is not the version of Apache or PHP). Is there some problem with the same IP address resolving to different domains?

    Any suggestions appreciated.

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  • Figured out my own problem…

    The MySQL database can be created with different collation options. If you set it to (what should be the standard) utfg_general_ci, the MD5 encoded password ends up somehow managled and will not compare properly.

    If you don’t specify a collation when creating the MySQL database you get latin1_swedish_ci which seems to properly hold the MD5 password and thus it all works.

    I haven’t checked out the other collations but I found that the default works.

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