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  • whooami



    and confirmed it with phpadmin

    not to be a pain in the arse here, but how did you do that?

    passwords stored in the database are not stored in plain text, theyre hashed, at the very least, and perhaps salted, depending on what version of WP you happen to be using.

    you wrote this in another thread:

    I just used my CuteFTP to do it..same way, by right clicking and editing to the password on file through phpadmin

    that makes no sense, what – so – ever.

    PHPadmin is not a php file (which can be edited in an ftp client) but it is a mega program that is used to manage your databases. When I view my available databases through my netfirms provide it says, do you want to edit your database using phpadmin? It is a very complicated program…but… there is a sticky note above these threads that we are posting which gives instructions on how to use phpadmin to step you through recovering and or resetting any passwords you might have. I did that and was able to access my passwords…then I madesure it matched with the wp-config.php file (which can be opened using FTP). I am new at this..but that is what I have learned in the past few hours. I am just waiting on a reply because although wordpress now shows my blog which it couldn’t access before, I MYSELF am unable to access it to adminstrate any new posts. So, step 1 and 2 complete, step 3 waiting?




    I know what phpmyadmin is, thanks 🙂

    then I madesure it matched with the wp-config.php file

    what, perhaps, you are not understanding is that the password in your wp-config.php is not the the same password as that which is stored in your database, and also isnt the password that you should be using to login. Unless of course, you have made both passwords the same, on purpose.

    The simplest way to change your password on any wordpress install, is to go through the “lost password” routine. Its a matter of clicking the link that says ‘Lost your password?’ below the login form.

    moderator, please help




    moderators dont provide any more assistance here than anyone else.

    I apologize if you dont like the answers youre getting from me, but youre demonstrating that you dont understand ‘things’. And I cant and wont ignore your misconceptions when responding to you.

    What exactly happens when you attempt to use the ‘Lost your password? form?

    can you not be so rude. I am a freaking stay at home mom who is trying to make a blog for the pta. can you take it easy on me.




    Im not being rude. In fact, Im being exceptionally polite. Taking YOUR frustration out on people here that are attempting to help you wont get you logged into your blog any quicker.

    And im still waiting for answers to the questions that Ive asked.

    As whooami explained, the password in your wp-config.php file is for the database and the only time you would use that password is if you logged into phpMyAdmin–though some hosts, such as those that use cPanel, don’t need the password to access phpMyAdmin.

    Your WordPress password, say for the admin user, is kept in the wp_user table.

    This link will lead you to using phpMyAdmin to change the password to a known value.

    I have two usernames and passwords (admin and machineartgirl) in the wp_user table. I tried both of them at
    on both instances it says incorrect password.

    Then please use one of the methods to reset your password to a know value. See Resetting Your Password.

    Also clear your browser cache and cookies before attempting to login after changing the password.

    I tried resetting the password several times to no avail.
    I only just now (after several struggling hours) realized that the link wordpress sends did not include my domain name

    thank you for your patience michael

    problem resolved

    P.S. Isn’t there a way to flag a post?

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