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  • I originally set SETTINGS>MEDIA> Large size, and Maximum Embed size to 300px wide. Everything has been working fine for several months.

    I just added an 150px wide image to a post, (instead of the standard 300px I usually upload) Which I need to display at 150px wide. But for whatever reason the posted image ratio distorts to 297 pixels wide, but retains the correct height.

    I tried deleting and re posting the image several times already, and even tried the Thumbnail, Medium, and Large presets, still the image is being displayed at 297px wide.

    I almost wonder if the issue is a result of a recent wordpress upgrade?
    Any experts out there listening?

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  • Id like to clarify on the issue, that no matter what preset size I choose, the width remains at 297 (300) and only the height is affected, even when using the percentage presets.

    I did do one more test, by editing the html code I can enlarge the image, but not reduce it.

    So, the issue is, I cannot reduce the width of an image. Even if the actual uploaded size is less than 300px.

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