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    I’ve just upgraded to 3.0.1 and switched to a new server. Full story below, but the result has left with incorrect encoding on the transfered entries. Any easy way to fix this?

    Specifically: we use ¥ to put in the Japanese Yen mark. After the upgrade, although ¥ appears correctly in the SQL DB, once in WordPress, the characters aren’t correctly resolved. When viewing in both ‘Visual’ and ‘HTML’ editing view, the characters are garbled. If edited in HTML view to ¥ it works fine, but we have 1,000s of these entries, so this isn’t an option.

    Also, quote marks and some other characters are also garbled.

    Example: old version (works fine):
    Example: new version (garbled):

    Any way to do a universal fix of this on the SQL file or similar?

    Note on the installation:
    — I completely failed to get php.ini working to allow uploads greater than 2MB. (I have a copy in my htdocs folder, but PHP doesn’t find it in info.php). So the way I migrated was a work around (which might be a bad one)
    — Backed up the SQL
    — Installed WP 2.8.6 on new server
    — Imported old SQL DB using phpMyadmin
    — Upgraded WP 2.8.6 to 3.0.1

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  • Naoko Takano


    Happiness Engineer at Automattic

    Are you still having this issue? “¥3.3 billion” and quotation marks look ok from here (Mac – Safari & Chrome) on both pages. This particular system I am viewing the page is set to English interface.

    I can check it from another machine and browsers if you’re still seeing garbled characters. It will be helpful if you could share your OS & browser information.

    Hi Naoko

    — I fixed it but only by a work around — I’ve no idea why it didn’t work first time round.

    What I did to fix it was:
    — delete the database tables that included the garbled characters
    — increase the upload limits on php.ini (this was the hard part because of server access, but at last we did it)
    — re-import the original articles etc from an exported WP file

    Using an exported WP xml file worked
    Using an exported SQL file didn’t work.

    I hope this might be of use to people with similar issues in the future.

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