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    This plugin is working great! …although there is one big problem: some woocommerce email notifications are showing the wrong currency code.

    The default currency in this case is CAD with geolocation to detect visitors from the US. The actual currency conversion is working perfectly. If someone makes a USD order, the
    WC email notifications show the correct amount and currency code (USD). BUT if someone from Canada makes a CAD order, it shows the correct amount in Canadian dollars, but the currency code shows USD – and this is very confusing to customers.

    I checked the support page at and found that someone else reported the exact same problem back on March 27th with no reply from the developer:
    “A client is having issues with WordPress using the wrong currency indicator in order WordPress order notifications emails.”

    I see that there is a new “Order Options” setting in the “General” tab in the plugin settings, but I’m not sure if this will make any difference with respect to the WC generated email notifications.

    Please advise, thanks!

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  • What type of transaction does this error occur on? Is this happening with COD, Cash, Cheque, E-Transfer, Credit Card? or just one payment type?

    Do you run any plugins which manipulate the order e-mails?

    I have not seen this issue yet ( run this plugin extensively ), guessing it is something rather simple going on.

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    Thanks for the response! One payment type: PayPal Payments Standard.

    There are no plugins manipulating the order emails. The following plugins for WC are in place:
    WC Products Slider (pickplugins)
    WC Menu Cart (Jeremiah Prummer, Ewout Fernhout)
    WC Extended Coupon Features (soft79)
    WC Canada Post Webservice Method (Jamez Picard)

    Also no custom functions in the theme/child theme that mess around with email notifications. And no template overrides.

    Parent theme is GeneratePress.

    Any suggestions are welcome!


    My guess until we hear from the developer is check your PayPal account and make sure IPN messages are enabled and your default currency in PayPal matches the default currency in your shop.

    Also, check in PayPal “My Account > Profile “Manage Currencies” that you support CAD and USD currencies.

    Hope that helps, if not guess we wait =)


    Thread Starter Pat K


    Thanks xolite! Yes – all of that checks out, so it must be something else. Hopefully the developer can shed some light on this.

    Hey Pat, did you get this resolved?

    I remembered a few months ago I was helping someone implement PayPal Standard and we had some issues with the default one handing multiple currencies. The one that comes with WooCommerce. if I remember correctly it does not and only works with the default currency, maybe give another PayPal plugin a try and see if that resolves the issue.

    The order is placed -> Sent to PayPal ( USD ) -> IPN sends it back ( USD ) -> Stored as ( CAD ) what is responsible for accepting the return response from PayPal and applying that response to the WC generated email notification? The PayPal Payment Function…

    Let me know how you make out.

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    Hi xolite – thanks for checking! I’m still testing. On the advanced tab, I changed Price Conversion Method to Save Prices in Array and did a test purchase using a coupon I set up – and the email notifications generated by WooCommerce included the correct currency code. BUT since the order didn’t actually go to PayPal, as you pointed out, it may be a problem on the PayPal end (not returning the correct currency code).

    Unfortunately, the guy running the shop is away on holidays this week, so I can’t test it through PayPal until he gets back. He’ll have some orders by then so I’ll know whether changing the Price Conversion Method or PayPal is the culprit and I will report back.

    Thanks very much for the info…it confirmed my suspicion that it could be a PayPal problem!

    Anytime, chime in if you need help and I would love to know what the fix is… myself, I prefer not to use PayPal at all costs ( see what I did there? *pun ). =)

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    Hey xolite – you were 100% correct! Thanks again for the information & tip.

    I installed & configured PayPal Express Checkout using this plugin:

    and deactivated PayPal Payments Standard that ships with WooCommerce, and it appears to have resolved the problem. I ran a series of test purchases and the WooCommerce generated email notifications were correct in each test (they show the correct currency codes – USD for US funds, CAD for Canadian funds and EUR for Euros).

    Although I’m marking this as “resolved” there still appears to be a problem somewhere with the default setup that warrants a closer look by the developer.


    Hi there,

    I’m glad the paypal-for-woocommerce plugin solved the issue.

    Anyway, I’m using the default paypal that is bundled with woocommerce and just tried to make a fake purchase using a sandbox paypal account. The emails I received seem to be showing the correct currency.

    Can you please elaborate the question?

    Thread Starter Pat K


    I don’t know how much more information I can provide. The currencies/amounts paid in all cases were correct; the business owner got paid in the correct currency. The problem was the currency code CAD / USD included in the “Thanks for your Order” email notifications issued by WC. Normally there is no currency code in these messages…it’s added dynamicall by the currency switcher plugin.

    In my case, the default currency in WC was CAD. The currency switcher converts to USD and EURO.

    When a USD order was placed there were no problems. The email notification indicated the value with the USD currency code, e.g. $100 USD.

    When a CAD order was placed, the email notification gave the correct dollar value in CAD, but the currency code in the email was USD, e.g. $100 USD when it SHOULD have been $100 CAD.

    Example: Mr. Foo Bar buys a widget for $100 CAD. The owner gets paid $100 CAD. But, when Mr. Bar receives his Thanks for your Order email notification, he is told that he paid $100 USD even though he actually paid $100 CAD. Very confusing for Mr. Bar, who contacts the owner to complain.

    Disabling the PayPal component that ships with WC and enabling express checkout using the PayPal for WooCommerce plugin resolved the issue. But I suspect this is going to be an issue for others using PayPal Standard that ships with WC.

    It will be interesting to see what happens when you test this live (not in the PP sandbox).

    Hope that helps…

    It will be a problem for anyone using woocommerce default PayPal component, until such time they feel a need for it to support multiple currencies instead of the default shop currency.

    Woocommerce does a lot of things out of the box right, payment processing with PayPal with multiple currencies is not one of them. Rightfully so, most shops will use the base currency depending on their location and not even bother.

    Glad it is working well for you now PK, maybe we will talk again if you get into translations haha 😳

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    Agreed! Thanks again for your help xolite!

    I just tested it again and it seems to be working just fine for me.
    But again, I’m using the sandbox.

    One detail, on my “Thanks for your order” email I don’t know if I’m getting the currency code as you described, like CAD or USD. I just get the currency symbol, as $ or any other currency symbol. In my case it’s $ and/or R$.

    On the other hand, as you are describing this plugin fixes this issue, I think we should consider this as resolved.

    I’ll add a notification on plugin’s description though,

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