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    I am building a website, that is using this plugin.

    I have custom post type for products, and two custom taxonomies for categories and styles.

    The custom theme uses featured thumbnails for the main image to display for each product, and the parent category archive pages fetch the last featured thumbnail, so this is a great plugin for over-riding this default and to set a better thumbnail for a group of products.

    I have a weird issue where some of the assigned thumbnails are fine and some category ID key’s are one or two higher in value, breaking the functionality

    If that doesn’t make sense then I can try clarify it more.

    We’re days away from launching the site and the client is very finicky.

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  • The plugin is: Taxonomy Images, version 0.7.3

    Switched to Gecka Terms Thumbnails.

    Much easier solution for the client that just works…
    Albeit for a lack of documentation…

    I’m pretty sure I’m running into this exact thing. Real category ID is 59 but the image is assigned to category ID 60. At the same time, admin display everything correctly.. Very confusing. Perhaps this topic could be switched back to unresolved status?

    So this seems to caused by term_id and term_taxonomy_id somehow being different:

    4 (Object) stdClass
    term_id (String, 2 characters ) 59
    name (String, 19 characters ) Public Building
    slug (String, 19 characters ) public-building
    term_group (String, 1 characters ) 0
    term_taxonomy_id (String, 2 characters ) 60
    taxonomy (String, 16 characters ) product_category
    description (String, 0 characters )
    parent (String, 2 characters ) 87
    count (String, 1 characters ) 2
    cat_ID (String, 2 characters ) 59
    category_count (String, 1 characters ) 2
    category_description (String, 0 characters )
    cat_name (String, 19 characters ) Public Log Building
    category_nicename (String, 19 characters ) public-log-building
    category_parent (String, 2 characters ) 87

    How exactly would this happen and why?

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