• Hi There,

    WP Plugin v1.8.21

    Like another user (ref: the Sharing API Keys thread, 2 weeks ago) I am also seeing other site logs on first rendering of the Audit Logs page that have nothing to do with our site.

    You refresh the Audit Logs page browser window and typically the incorrect log files disappear and your own correct logs are then shown.

    This occurs on two separate WordPress installs we own, both with the Sucuri WP Plugin installed and referencing different API keys.

    It is concerning on three counts:

    1. Until I figured out the log files were not ours I thought we had been hacked
    2. Are our own log files with login usernames etc. being incorrectly shown to other Sucuri customers, posing a security exposure risk for our site?
    3. Are Sucuri’s database of API keys and associated log files corrupted with incorrect cross referencing?

    Thank you for investigating this issue.


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  • OK some more observation on this issue.

    1. Recurs daily

    2. Fairly often “Todays” logs appear (but no other dates) and underneath one days worth of logs is a system message from “Yesterday”.

    “22:05 system INFO: Authentication key added and plugin enabled”
    6 logs in the queue – Send Logs

    3. If you click the link “Send Logs”, to send the logs, or just refresh the page then the remaining log files appear… for the wrong website (not your API).

    4. The correct log files can also appear, apparently randomly witha page refresh.

    5. These are the two types of behavior common with the error, Send Logs or Page Refresh returns the incorrect or correct API log files.

    This is a real ongoing problem with the plugin.


    Alright having just posted the above, the symptoms are getting worse, now the returned log files a total mix/mashup of my own and some other websites all on the same screen.

    The API keys are NOT RETURNING ACCURATE DATA and mixing data.

    This appears to be a database corruption issue on Sucuri’s end.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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