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  • how do I do this. can someone point me to an example(s) of word press used in an eisting web site?

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  • thanx for your quick reply. I am trying to develope more of a dialoge between visitors to my sites and content originators . I do code in php but I am not on the cutting edge. I will look at those classes and try to figure out how to make my style sheets work with them.
    One question come to mind. Is there any way to make the words and phrases of the page that the web log provides, which come out of the data base, be indexed by the search engine spiders?

    I have read elsewhere that search engines don’t like links such as Yet this is a natural and easy way for weblogs to pass links around.
    For this reason, many weblogs offer some option for transforming the links into something like
    However, I wonder. Is it really true that search engines don’t like those original links? Because if the search engines can handle them, why bother changing things? Does anyone here know for sure and for certain, what is true about this?
    If the search engines can handle the ?foo=1 type of links, then the presence of a link to “archive” on your front page should mean that search engines will penetrate to the depth. (If the human can get there, the spider can get there.)
    However, if search engines really and truly require spoon-feeding, then you’ll need to use your weblog’s “fancy url” or “pretty url” feature. And I’ll bet that search on this forum will turn up how to do that.

    afaik, google and the other major engines work with index.php based urls just fine. infact most of my blog uri are in the old format rather than new in the google database…

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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