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  • I have a basic webpage (HTML using tables and a little Javascript). I recently signed up for a blog on WordPress (obviously) through my website.

    I was wondering if there is a way to incorperate my new blog posts into my existing webpage. Basically an easy cut-and-paste code somewhere that would display the most recent post onto my homepage.

    I have tried searching this topic but am a little lost. I dont want to tinker with something that I could potentially need later on down the road. Can someone please help me with this. Thank you in advance for all your help!

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  • I recently signed up for a blog on WordPress (obviously) through my website.

    You need to do some more detailed explanation here. How do you “sign up” for a blog at wordpress.COM through your website?
    And, most importantly, wordpress.COM has its own forums, you should post there. We are the wordpress.ORG people.

    I never stated if it was .com vs .org actually. Sorry for the confusion.

    When I say I registered through my website I, well, my site is hosted on I went to their “Services” area and having a blog from WordPress.ORG was one of them. So I installed some Blog hosting files on my site and BAM! I had a blog from WordPress via my webhost.

    This blog is hosted on a seperate section of my site. (i.e. What I’m hoping is possible is if I can post, on my MAIN site, only the most recent entry from my blog.

    Please remember, I am new to this whole thing and if there is a way but its not easy, never mind. I would just like some clarification because I’ve searched the forums and I’m not finding what I’m looking for.

    Thanks a ton!

    This is difficult to answer without knowing the setup that Bluehost is doing. But generally speaking, you won’t be able to easily access the WordPress database (and its posts) unless you’re running the WordPress code on the page that you wish to display a post on.

    Not sure what your /blog does, but the main page needs to do the same. It needs to perform a WP database query and display the data that it fetched (in this case the most recent post). If your main page isn’t called from/inside the WP framework, that will be difficult.

    What you want to do is most certainly possible with custom PHP code or WP customization, but I wouldn’t even know how to suggest a solution here without having seen your blog code and webpage HTML (which you shouldn’t give out here! Just speaking hypothetically).



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    Check out the following links which uses javascript (you will need to add to <head> to add rss feed in your html webpage.
    There are other solutions, Google is your friend. Good luck.

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