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    Wordpress: 3.5.2

    I’ve got a slight problem with shipping on my site.

    I’m using WooCommerce to allow payments to PayPal, version: 2.0.10.

    I have it set-up so the choice is between 3 options (small, medium and large items). No matter which option is chosen for shipping, PayPal only ever has small items shipping.

    I am thinking this is due to the way the shipping is defaulting back to small items, no matter what option is chosen.

    For instance, if I choose Large Items shipping, the the total cost shows the correct amount, but the shipping option reverts back to Small Items shipping (by default).

    Ideally I would like the shipping option to remain on the option specified, and not to default back to Small Item shipping, can this be done?

    I ask because no matter what shipping option is chosen on the site, PayPal only ever charges for small items shipping (which I believe is down to the shipping box defaulting back to Small Items shipping, instead of remaining on the shipping option chosen.)


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