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    There is a problem/conflict with the theme. After adding to quote a WooCommerce notice is shown with a confirmation message and a link to the quote list. In your case, the notice is hidden or cleared for some reason. Typically, users add a menu item to the quote cart. As far as the 3rd product not showing the “view quote list”: that view button only shows if that product is in the quote list.

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    I looked further at your site. I am probably wrong, but it seems there is no area for Woocommerce notices. That is a standard feature that most extensions to WooCommerce expect to be present. Confirmation messages and link to the quote cart after adding an item would show as a WooCommerce notice. Having a menu item that points to quote request page(similar to a cart menu that points to the WooCommerce cart).

    By the looking at your site, it seems you are not taking payments at all. If that is the case, I suggest you set the setting to RFQ in your RFQ general setting (1). And change labels to “Add to Quote”, rather than “Add to Cart”. In your case your entire WooCommerce quote would act as a quote request. In the (Premium version), you have the choice to allow the customer to buy or submit the whole cart as a quote request.

    OK, that’s a reasonable explanation. My theme has built-in AJAX add-to-cart functionality which replaces the confirmation message with a new class on the button (the checkmark) to indicate the product has been added. I can easily add a menu item as you suggested or code my own message to appear when the item has been added to the quote (I’ve actually done that).

    I’m not taking payments yet because the site is still in development. Eventually, some products will be purchased online, and some will be quote requests only.

    Next: I often experience another problem where the product is not actually added to the quote list, and it’s inconsistent (I can’t determine any pattern).

    At the moment this is occurring, here’s how it can be duplicated (hopefully it will also happen for you as it is for me right now).

    1. Open two new browser tabs, and load the following URLs in them, respectively:,

    2. On the page, select any three options, then click Request Quote.

    3. Go to the page and refresh. You’ll see that the product we just added is NOT in the quote request list.

    Thank you for your assistance so far, I really want to make the plugin work for me (although I do need to ensure it will work before I commit to purchasing).

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    “I really want to make the plugin work for me (although I do need to ensure it will work before I commit to purchasing).”

    You should definitely ensure that the plugin is compatible with your theme and other plugins before purchasing( any plugin for that matter). That is why we have the free version to let people determine if the plugin fits in with the rest of the system.

    I can’t duplicate your problem. How long are waiting before you refresh the quote-request page? Hours? that could time out the quote cart. Are you hosting on wp-engine?

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    Are you hosting on wp-engine? wp-engine caching requires you to call their support to exclude cookie and pages from static caching. If not hoting on wp-engine make sure your quote-request page is excluded from static caching.

    The quote request page is refreshed immediately.

    I’m not hosting with “wp-engine”. I’m not using any static caching plugins currently.

    Here is a video screen capture showing the above steps, in case what I wrote wasn’t clear. I’m actually able to reproduce this consistently now…very strange considering it wasn’t happening just yesterday (when I wrote up the other issue). Hopefully it’s something simple that I just can’t see. Any ideas?


    These intermittent problems always worry me, and I’ve had a few of them, which is what prompted me to seek assistance…I was planning to roll the plugin out on this one and two other sites that I’m maintaining–currently handling quote requests with a custom-made solution on those. The plugin would work well for all three–but it has to work of course!

    I could potentially use a different theme, but I’m already using one that is supposed to among the most compatible, and I’ve never had an issue with it before.

    I just realized that when “Request Quote” is clicked, it’s adding the product to the CART, not to the Quote Request. You can see it in the video too (the cart badge increments by one).

    I also realized that the reason you couldn’t duplicate is that I gave you the wrong URL for the product page…it should be…sorry about that. This is a variation of the single product page, that has more information on it.

    Sorry for all the messages…I got on a roll here.

    I have found a resolution (of sorts)…by disabling the AJAX add to cart functionality I mentioned below, I no longer have the issue. Unfortunately when adding the product from the main product page ( it takes the user to the single product page ( instead of adding the product via AJAX, which is not ideal. So it seems that RFQ-toolkit is not compatible with AJAX add-to-cart functionality, which is too bad.

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    I still can’t duplicate it on your site using your URLS.

    Adding products via AJAX works in a few hundred installs that I know of. Including several of my own.

    “( it takes the user to the single product page ( instead of adding the product via AJAX, which is not ideal”

    These are all theme features. If it is a variable product, then it would take you to the single page anyway.(Although the plugin does not interfere with that)
    AJAX or full page post are irrelevant to the plugin. If it is adding to cart, make sure you are testing the right product and that the product is RFQ – enabled(in the advanced tab).

    I think this is a heavily customized theme that ultimately requires a custom solution. Evnthough we aprreciate paying customers, but I would not purchase the premium till you have worked out the kinks.This plugin is heavily integrated with the standard implementions of WooCommerce. As a test , switch your theme with theme specifically for WooCommerce such as storefront. That could shed some light on the differences. Also you could considerider a pop up type of quote request that sends an email.

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