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  • leiju


    I am running WP 3.7.1 with The7 theme on, with WPML and WooCommerce plug-ins. The site is hosted by HostPoint.
    Everything else works fine and consistently *except* for uploading pictures.

    As an example, yesterday I was able to upload about 15 pictures and after that it just started hanging. Today only 2. I have tried with both browser and multi-file upload.
    I am trying to upload pictures that are between 500 and 700 KB each, and I have about 99.5% of space left on the site.

    When pictures upload, it happens rather quickly and easily and without any problems.

    When they don’t, the progress bar shows me either 13%, 18%, 24% or 31% right away and then it simply hangs. No error report, no nothing. Nothing moves, nothing changes. If I click away, it shows *crunching* for a split second but the picture was not uploaded. I have tried to upload via FTP but it won’t recognise the pictures (lack of know-how on my part, I suppose).

    I am accessing the site via Safari.

    Please, please help!
    Thank you for your time!

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  • Dave Naylor


    When you upload an image to WordPress, PHP has to take that image and then produce a number of smaller images defined by your theme/site’s configuration. In normal circumstances it does this using the GD library installed on your host’s server. Every time it does this, this equates to processor and memory use.

    If you upload a series of large images it’s quite possible that your site is exhausting its available resources.

    You could try increasing the amount of memory available to WordPress.

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