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    Hey all.

    I’m a bit of a newb when it comes to coding and such so I’ll try to explain as best as I can. To preface, I’m using MarsEdit on Mac to upload images with the posts I write. I mention this only for disclosure, because I don’t believe it’s a MarsEdit problem. All my images are uploaded with MarsEdit and I still get my problem. Please read on…

    What I want to happen consistently is for all images in my RSS feed to link to the post in which they appear, not the image itself.

    Currently, my WP RSS feed contains inconsistent image links which, when a user clicks on the image in the RSS feed, it can take them to one of two different types of pages of my site depending on the method I use to insert images.

    I use the [gallery] function, as in this page:

    as well as manually adding images to the content as in this page:

    In the RSS feeds, the displayed thumbnail image links are different.
    With the gallery methods, the link directs to an image within the single post directory, e.g.

    But with manually linked image posts, the RSS feed thumbnails link to a different directory, NOT within the single post directory. e.g.

    The issue with this behaviour is that [gallery] thumbnails take the user to a page which I’ve made redirect to the parent post, and not the image itself (see here for details) so I’m getting my ideal fuction in these cases. But this doesn’t work for manually formatted images because they aren’t in a similar URL structure or directory, resulting in the user being taken to the direct image file, instead of the POST which contains the file.

    All images are being uploaded in the same way with MarsEdit. I assume that the [gallery] short code is getting WP to generate it’s own thumbnails and place them within the post directory. Is there a way I can make manually formatted images live within the appropriate single post directory too?

    I hope that all makes sense :S
    Thanks in advance

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    Hmmm, no takers…

    I have thought of a way around the problem, I think, but it lays outside of my skill set. I’m thinking to completely bypass the different locations of linked images, and instead somehow dynamically edit the feed as it goes out. I’m not sure if this is possible, but here’s my theory:

    Catch every instance of linked image in the feed article and replace the link URL with a link back to the article/post. So, any image, whether it be a [gallery] thumbnail that links to a larger version, a hand-coded thumbnail that links to a larger version, or even an inline image WITHOUT a link, would have the existing link replaced (or added if no link exists) with a link directly to the article/post itself.

    This would ONLY happen for images. Any text links would remain as the existing links.

    Is this possible? Any info or links would be appreciated.


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