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[Resolved] inconsistent font size in chrome

  • Hey,
    i use Leaf theme on my wordpress-based blog and i have a problem with font sizes in Chrome browser. Some, seem to me as random words in articles and pages are smaller than the rest of the text. However, It happens only on Chrome. Why is that? What can i do to fix this?
    Perhaps it has something to do with the fact, that i use polish letters like Γ³ or Ε‚?
    Thanks in advance

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  • Perhaps your browser is infected with malware and is inserting some spam links on particular words. Can you link the webpage with the issue so we can explore?

    That’s definitely not a malware, i have checked this on three computers.
    here you go;

    I cannot see any apparent anomalies on that webpage.
    Can you send us a screenshot of what you see?

    if you take a close look you can see that some words and sentences are smaller than others. It annoy the hell out of me πŸ™
    nice website btw πŸ™‚

    I think I see what you mean on the word “obrazΓ³w” from this screenshot http://snag.gy/AAh2k.jpg

    It is odd because there is no CSS applying any font deviations.
    Perhaps it’s caused by a particular font family? I switched to the font family “courier” just to test this and I don’t see an issue anymore. Maybe I’m not looking hard enough: http://snag.gy/rXKg8.jpg .

    Thanks for the comment about my site πŸ™‚ Really nice of you.

    You’re right, it looks fine with Courier.
    Well that’s strange cause i’m the first person reporting this problem with this particular theme. Maybe it really has something to do with polish letters…
    so the only option that you see is to change font on my blog? That would be quite difficult i guess.

    Oh, so that’s your website? You have got yourself a new user!

    You can change the font to something that looks about the same, try changing it to “tahoma”. Do you have a section in the dashboard to hold this CSS change other than the theme’s files, a section named “Custom CSS” or “Edit CSS”?

    Oh, so that’s your website? You have got yourself a new user!

    Lol probably misinterpreted your sentence, you were referring to the Leaf theme right?

    lol, how to not make this awkward now. Actually i meant snaggy but few minutes later i checked your website and loved ‘send some love/hate’ idea, and the design overall. well, we have this behind us πŸ™‚
    i don’t have custom/edit css section but i think that i can install a plugin that has the same capabillities?

    Yeah, you can install this Custom CSS Manager plugin to hold your CSS modifications.

    The CSS modifications to change the font to Tahoma would be:

    body {
     font-family: tahoma, sans-serif;

    Btw don’t worry about the awkwardness, it’s better than talking to a robot πŸ™‚

    it seems to work and it looks pretty decent. Thank you very much!

    lol πŸ˜‰ thanks again!

    i don’t have custom/edit css section

    If you have Leaf Theme you have Custom CSS section, you don’t need a plugin.

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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