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    10 weeks ago I rolled the plugin back to v 12.6.13 due to a problem under the Pages tab where the table showed the all-time pages stats instead of those for the selected period (10days, say). I reported the problem here at the time.

    Hoping the issue had been resolved by now, I updated the plugin to v 13.0.7 at my staging site. The issue had indeed been resolved and so I also updated my live site to v 13.0.7 (yesterday). All seemed fine after the upgrade. But returning a couple of hours later I discovered that the top 5 pages and stats given in the graph differed from those below in the table and referred to 5 completely different pages.

    Furthermore, selecting the time period (10 days) again produced completely different stats in the table even though there had been no visitors to the site during the few seconds that elapsed. Each time I selected 10 days thereafter, a new set of stats was produced. These apparently random results left me unable to determine my most popular pages in the specified time period and so I have had to roll back to v 12.6.13 again.

    WP version 5.7
    php version 7.3
    Chrome browser

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  • I am sorry that I cannot answer your question directly, but my experience is that WP Statistics is nothing but trouble – it started about 4 months ago – after an update then my site went down. Fortunately I managed to deactivate the plugin. About three months later I activated the plugin again, hoping that the plugin was being fixed after several updates. About two hours later my site went down again.

    WP Statistics is a very useful plugin, but it is too dangerous to use after an update in november/december 2020. As far as my site is conserned this plugin is history. I have been using Google Analytics for over a week now and I am very happy with it – it provides the statistics I need.

    I just wanted to warn everyone. I used WP Statistics for several years and had no problem, but something happened to the plugin in 2020.

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