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    I think there is a strange inconsistency in admin UI which I was thinking of reporting to Trac. I want to report here first to see what others thought and if there was a reason for it.

    In ‘Appearance’ you have a tabbed option for ‘Mange Themes’ and ‘Install Themes’ and a dividing line.

    In all other parent menus you have a small button, e.g. ‘Add new page’, ‘Add new plugin’ etc …

    This is inconsistent and I would suggest that all parent menu pages should have a tabbed look with a divider.

    As a small additional suggestion, some theme designers write a lot of information about their themes, others write none. This leads to further inconsistency on the page.

    I would suggest simplifying the display to just the details; name and version, then ‘Activate | Preview | Delete’.

    We don’t need to know where the template files are located, so add a 4th item, e.g. ‘More info’ to allow a scroll down or pane showing the rest of the given info.

    Big additional suggestion.

    Incorporate an ‘version compatibility’ option on the Theme pages (would mean adding code and tables/scripts to the depository). I would say, “designed for version x.xx’ and a ‘compatibility check’.

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