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    PHP:5.2.1 CGI; MySQL API: 5.0.27
    WP: 2.0.5; memory_limit : 24M
    Tried output buffering: off, 0, 2048

    Most pages for both the BLOG and the ADMIN area are being cutoff before the closing page tags. There are a few sort pages that complete but there is no pattern.

    Have turned all plugins off without any difference. Those being used are Democracy 2.0.1, External Links 2.2, Feedburner Feed Replacement 2.1, Gravatars 2.6, Latest From Each Category 1.3, Ma.gnolia 1.2, Popularity Contest 1.2.1, RSS Feed Signature 1.1, UTW 3.131592, WP-Contact Form 1.4.4

    No errors are being reported.

    Any help resolving this issue would be greatly received!

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  • What browser and browser version are you using? I noted that happens on occasion with me with the older version of Netscape 7.1 that I’m stuck with using thanks to the North Carolina State government. *grumble*

    Take a look at the outputted page source with your browser as well. Is that outputting down to the final closing html tag or ios that being cut off as well? Where is it being cut off?

    How about a link as well to your blog?

    Thanks for responding Mike. The blog is

    It is not browser specific, but page specific ie I am getting the cut off at the same point in IE6 and FF2 (PC) and Safari I(Mac).

    The cut off is not consistent though. These pages are all produced by the same code, though they are cut off at different places:
    and some pages are just fine
    eg home page

    I am getting the same effect in the ADMIN area. Where the missing code effects the functionality (eg missing buttons), I have added an extra footer (just some lorum text) just before the closing body and html tags. This has the effect of moving the cutoff further down the page, and showing the previously missing code.

    The feed is down as well: The closing XML tags are missing and of course it is ‘malformed’.


    Anyone have any ideas???

    Any suggestions greatfully received

    We are Jay’s web host and we’re trying to help her solve this. If you view source, on many page, the bottom of the source code is simply gone. This happens both in admin and in areas of the site that have had design tweaks. From what we can tell it doesn’t seem to matter how big the pages are, and the cutoff happens in different parts.

    If anyone can give us ideas on what to look for in troubleshooting, we’d happily take those suggestions.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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