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  • Hello!

    I maintain a blog at (don’t shout at me, this isn’t about that!).

    I also rent a server through Demon Virtual Servers on which I have several domains. On my wife’s domain I have successfully installed WordPress and it works just fine.

    Request for help!

    Today I have installed WordPress on a different domain on the server (using different mysql database names, etc). The installation appeared to go without a hitch. I have uploaded (and deleted to try to find the problem) themes and plugins without problem. BUT…

    If I go to Add New Post (domain/wp-admin/post-new.php) I get a near-enough blank page. The left and right hand columns are present, but in the centre all I have is the “Add New Post” heading and a the marking of a frame or rectangle (wide but short) with nothing in it and nothing else on the centre of the screen.

    I can make posts using the Quickpress section of the dashboard, but when these are posted I get a screen which resembles an amateur attempt at using the old Microsoft Front Page – a very basic unformatted page (no rss?) stating “draft saved” and providing options to “preview post” or “edit”.

    Despite that, the posts have been posted and can be seen at the domain’s root address (blog home page).

    However, if you go to the blog pages direct (clicking on the headline to go to the Permalink; you are met with HTTP Error 500 (Internal Server Error). You get the same message if you try to access the sample page (ie, there is no difference between pages and posts.

    Stating the bleedin’ Obvious

    • My server is capable of running WordPress (my wife’s version continues to run satisfactorily)
    • The rewrite module is activated on the server
    • There is a .htaccess file in the root directory with the correct wording in it

    This particular site is at

    I would be grateful for any assistance with this.

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  • I went to your website, and clicked on the sample page. It appears it causes a 500 error. 500 errors are generic in nature, and the easiest thing to do to troubleshoot them is to look into your server’s error logs.

    Thanks Tim,

    I’ve had a look at the error logs and the only thing they are reporting is not being able to find the favicon.ico.

    I’ve uploaded one to the directory (stranger things have happened!!) and, not surprisingly, it hasn’t resolved the issue and no additional error messages are being recorded.

    Sometimes thats typical. You may want to try and reset your permalinks in the dashboard. Also, I usually see 500 errors related to file permissions and ownership. You may want to check to make sure all your files and folders have the correct permissions. I hope this helps! If all else fails, contact your hosting provider and they can determine the exact nature of the 500 error.

    Thanks for your help Tim.

    I didn’t get far with the ISP so I deleted and reinstalled the files – and it now works fine.

    Ho Hum!

    Good! I’m glad you got it resolved. Thanks for updating me.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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