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  • The install instruction for this explain very little, it took 2 days just to make significant progress and still it doesn’t work.

    First of all it doesn’t tell you what file you may find that code they want you to insert, and if it’s different for each theme they should give you some indicator on where the file may be, anything. I had to research programs that scan files for certain text lines within the file. Notepad++ found it for me. I went through hours of researching just to be able to locate the proper file.

    Another problem, they don’t indicate whether or not you should create a child theme to edit the correct file, they just say insert the code. I ended up trying it both ways (child theme and direct edit) and made sure I had backups before doing so. Niether worked, if a child theme is neccesary they assume the user knows how to work with them and the equivilant file you’ll need in the child theme to work with. I spent hours researching what file to work with in the child theme as well.

    Last problem, I couldn’t find any instructions (beond very short descriptions) on what to even put in the fields once it’s installed, it already has text in the fields, I tried a combination of things I may want to appear on my website, and tried having it work as it was. Nothing worked.

    Complete waste of time, and a bare minimum of instructions that may help with knowing what to do. I’d review again if I had help but the support forums for this aren’t very active.

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  • The instructions are actually pretty clear. Install the plugin, activate the plugin, and then change the navigation code in your theme. How you accomplish the last part varies wildly, since every theme is structured differently.

    Some theme authors make it easy, others make it difficult (if not impossible). Since there are thousands of themes out there, it would be impossible for the plugin authors to explain how to update them all.

    So you should be giving your theme one star for making a simple task so difficult, not this plugin. And yes, you should always create a child theme if you decide to change the parent theme’s code.

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    Install and activate the plugin are the most basic steps that apply to every plugin. I’m glad they mentioned it for newcomers but they didn’t clarify on the things that mattered most.

    I understand that themes are structured differently but there are still ways to help the user find the appropriate file. The method I ended up using worked well, notepad++ found the right file. Experienced plugin developers should know these things and share any info that helps.

    Also, the plugin fields within WordPress are unclear of what goes in there on some parts. Take this…

    Text For Number Of Page — Page %CURRENT_PAGE% of %TOTAL_PAGES%

    I had no idea if I should put a number inside the %% or leave it like it is. The description for this is short and not specific. Specificity helps.

    I ended up getting the plugin to do something at least, the numbers went to my post and don’t work for comments and that’s what I needed it for. The comments section still have the traditional older/newer comments feature.

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