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  • I have installed latest (2.3.1) version on my webserver and I want to import all of my posts from blogger.
    They are more than 250 posts but when I try the import from blogger, I can only import about 40 posts from my blogspot account (comment: I have migrated to new blogger)

    What should I do import all of my posts to my wordpress weblog?

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  • ghporras


    I have the same problem. I imported twice my post and comments, but there are some post that not are imported!

    What we need to WP import all of them?


    I did the following: Importing blogger -> WP .org (for later importing ->hosted WP). So it works for my blogs with small number of posts.
    For my main blog I did import 241 out of 560 posts (clic on the magic button). The if I clic “continue” it does not continue, it freezes. Then it stops and if I reset, it just freezes at the 1 out of 560 import.

    Any idea/solution about this? I think I read everything I could find on the subject (changing the blogger.php on the host, going through ->WP host) but still I have this problem.

    After many attempts, I found why WordPress stopped after importing 241 posts. The 242 post had special character in its title. So if that happens to you, just change the post in blogger where it stops importing.

    Otherwise it works, blogger->>WP host. However many posts are not accessible, they are imported but not accessible. The links to youtube video are not working, and I have to manually reedit them. Same for a few pictures.

    Hope that helps if you come across the same problem!

    From: my blog on blogspot
    to my blog on hosted WP

    Just like to add another “stumbling block” that can cause problems. Make sure that within Blogger on your “Archiving” options that you have “Enable Post Pages” set to “Yes”.

    Otherwise WordPress will only import the first page from each month, even though it knows about the other 900+ posts… grr.

    Sorted, though. *phew*

    I had the same problem with WordPress not importing all my posts from Blogger.

    Mosher, thanks for the tip about enabling post pages! That solved it for me!

    Mosher, genius. I heart you.

    Folks, I’m having a similar problem — it stops after importing 50 posts. Looking at the code in blogger.php, I see that MAX_RESULTS is set to 50. Increasing it helps, up to a point around 490 comments, where things just die.

    It look like there’s a bug and that it doesn’t go back for another set of data.

    Anybody have any ideas?

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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