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    Recently I have been changing the Widgets on the Sidebar.
    Then clearing the cache and minified CSS/JS.
    Then viewing the page to check its OK.

    On quite a few occasions the page has been wrong with JS errors reported.
    Investigation showed incomplete code in the combined JS files.
    Different failures each time.

    As it isn’t happening every time I am thinking it is a timing issue.
    Maybe I am viewing the page before the server has done its work and that is stopping the process before completion.

    Waiting for a time seems to be the solution.

    Is this a bug ?

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  • Plugin Author Emre Vona


    is the problem solved when you clear cache?



    If I wait a while after clearing the cache then it hasn’t so far been wrong.

    Its only if I clear then immediately reload the page that I sometimes get the problem.

    The server can be a bit slow when editing on the Dashboard which makes me think that timing is the issue.



    Just to add…

    I have not had any problems with “delete cache” its just with “delete cache and minified css/js”.

    Needed when editing the stylesheet.

    Plugin Author Emre Vona


    is the problem solved when you disable “combine js” option and clear all cache with minified sources?

    I am realy uncomfortable testing this on a live system but I did some limited tests.

    If I disable “combine js” then there are no problems. If I understand your thinking here it is to determine if the CSS is also affected.

    When a problem occurred with the combined JS file I checked the combined CSS and could see no problem but it is difficult to be sure cos there is so much of it.

    The error log I got this time (first few lines)..
    4l5p2.js:51 Uncaught SyntaxError: missing ) after argument list
    4l5p2.js:2 Uncaught ReferenceError: jQuery is not defined at 4l5p2.js:2
    (anonymous) @ 4l5p2.js:2 (index):342 Uncaught ReferenceError: jQuery is not defined at (index):342
    bootstrap.min.js?ver=dc8fa338f95b454dc76af19841ff7713:6 Uncaught TypeError: e is not a function at bootstrap.min.js?ver=dc8fa338f95b454dc76af19841ff7713:6

    I tested with a clone of the website on localhost but could not not reproduce the problem. Plugins not on the clone were Google Analytics, UpdraftPlus and WordPress SEO.

    The fix seems to be to wait say 20-30 seconds before reloading a page after a clear cache + minified.

    So it isn’t an issue providing I wait and no one else is browsing the site.

    Hope this helps.

    Plugin Author Emre Vona


    there may be an error in a js source so the js sources do not work when they are combined.

    Can you tell me the url please?

    As my localhost version was OK but was without several plugins (also without Wordfence)
    I thought I would try with the same plugins deactivated on the website.

    Couldn’t repeat the problem – then enabled the plugins – again couldn’t repeat the problem.

    Earlier this morning after my last posting I updated the Yoast SEO plugin (20 Aug update).

    Maybe the previous version of this plugin was causing the issue – too early to be sure but it does look OK now.


    Many thanks for your support.

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    Plugin Author Emre Vona


    I don’t see any js error.

    Different problem – got 404 on combined/minified CSS – file not found after clear+minified. OK when checked but a few hours later wasn’t. Browser cache was disabled so I am not sure what happened.

    So decided to re-install.

    Plugin Author Emre Vona


    is it ok now?

    Seems to be OK but my editing of the CSS has been completed so I won’t be using the clear+minified function for a while.

    I will mark this as resolved. It does look like a problem with only this website as there have been no other reports. Hopefully the re-install has fixed it.

    Thanks again for your support.

    Plugin Author Emre Vona


    you are welcome 🙂 if you vote, you make me so happy.

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