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  • CAPTCHA does not work on my installation even though I have GD and Freetype installed and enabled. The plugin does not appear to have any anti-spam settings that I can find.

    Edit: lowered rating even more after arguing with mods and wasting more time trying to get the plugin to work. It does not work and the documentation provided has typo errors in critical spots and does not seem to adequately apply to the latest wordpress version.

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  • Have you asked on the support forum before posting a poor review?

    This is a pretty basic feature of the plugin. If I have to sift through piles of support documents on this, the plugin still deserves a poor review.

    If there is some reason why the CAPTCHA cannot be enabled, a well-written plugin should find that out and report to the user. This plugin needs further development.



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    You are joking!? CF7 is by far the most stable, well-documented and usable contact form plugin out there!

    Took me 20 seconds to find it –

    Really Simple CAPTCHA

    If that does not work for you, why not ask for support before posting a bad review?

    Ok, you want to go there? Let’s go there….

    I already saw that post. And I looked into it… let’s go over their “help”:

    >>”Really Simple CAPTCHA requires that GD and FreeType PHP libraries be installed on your server in order to create CAPTCHA images. If you are not certain if they are installed, ask your server administrator.”

    First off, the system should be able to recognize that there are some prerequisites that it requires that are not installed. It does not do that.

    Second, the system requires an additional plugin called “Really simple captcha” – which is listed as “being written for CF7” so why the F doesn’t CF7 simply include it? So you have to install two plugins to make one simple system work.

    So I installed Really Simple Captcha (which I’m now going to give a bad review too as well because of all the time I’ve wasted) and it didn’t make any difference. CF7 still didn’t work.

    Furthermore, the author says a variety of things are required but doesn’t tell the person how to really tell if things like GD or FreeType are available – just pawning that off on “ask your administrator”. That’s lazy. As a coder, it’s not difficult to find out if those subsystems are available. This is a crappy-written plugin. It’s certainly not worthy of a lot of stars when there are much better plugins that don’t require such convoluted processes to make such a simple feature work.

    Furthermore the help documentation itself has errors:

    >>”Contact Form 7 creates a temporary folder and stores any CAPTCHA files there. In most cases, the location of the temporary folder is wp-contents/uploads/wpcf7_captcha, but it can be different depending on your settings.”

    There is no such path called “wp-contents” – it’s actually “wp-content” as everybody knows. The author cannot be bothered to be precise with important things like file and path names.

    The system is badly written, badly documented, and does not work.

    Furthermore, the settings in WP:Media in the cited FAQ about path names to change are not there in the latest version. Just about every blurb in the troubleshooting is wrong. I need to change my rating even lower. This plugin is not ready for prime time.



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    I have used this plugin on dozens of sites for years without the slightest problem.

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