• More important than obfuscating the login page, firewall security is imperative, so it’s prudent that this plugin ensures compatibility with popular cybersecurity solutions like WordFence with or without two factor authentication. This plugin ends up with a “Cookies are blocked or not supported by your browser” error and locks you out of your WordPress account. When you’re locked out, there’s only a few ways you can get back in:

    1. If you’re using GoDaddy, Toneee, EasyWP or other popular website company, you can login to your WordPress web hosting account and automatically login to your WordPress dashboard from there and disable this plugin.
    2. If you have a standard cPanel web hosting account and not a WordPress hosting account, you can use cPanel’s Installatron to login to WordPress if you installed WordPress using Installatron. Disable this plugin once logged in.
    3. If you have a standard cPanel web hosting account, you can also use File Manager to temporarily rename the wp-content/plugins folder, then try logging in. (This technique is well documented and described on the Internet and YouTube so I’ll spare you the instructions.)
    4. If you have FTP credentials or you can create them, you can use FTP to temporarily rename the wp-content/plugins folder.

    If you want to be more specific, in options #3 and #4 can directly fix this by deleting this plugin’s folder instead of renaming the plugins folder. It’s a subfolder within the plugins folder. Once you delete this plugin’s folder, you should be able to login without issue.

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