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  • First of all, thanks for a great plugin, works very well out of the box (albeit with some scripts needing to be excluded, but that is to be expected with this sort of thing).

    I have found that when running this plugin alongside the All In One Event Calendar by Timely (AI1EC), that the calendars JS functionality breaks if it is processed by Dependency Minification.

    I believe it is due to the way AI1EC loads it’s javascript.

    The easy fix was to simply exclude any file source matching “ai1ec” by using the filter provided by this plugin, ‘dependency_minification_excluded’, so thanks for that.

    For anyone who runs into the same issue, below is the code in use on my site (yes the regex is a bit greedy, but it works):

     * Exclude AIO Calendar JS from Minification and Aggregation by Depenendcies Minification
    function yourtheme_exclude_nextgen_from_depmin( $is_excluded, $handle, $src ) {
        if ( preg_match( '/.*ai1ec.*/', $src ) ) {
            $is_excluded = true;
        return $is_excluded;
    add_filter( 'dependency_minification_excluded', 'yourtheme_exclude_nextgen_from_depmin' , 10, 3);

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