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  • I’m also noticing this issue. Had to deactivate admin column view so I could continue using ACF.

    I talked to Elliot, the developer of ACF, and he says this is a problem of Admin Column View.

    Hope that Alex will find a solution to use both plugins at the same time.

    ouch, i hope this will be fixed soon … 🙁 .

    Plugin Contributor Alex King


    I talked to Elliot, the developer of ACF, and he says this is a problem of Admin Column View.

    I respectfully disagree with this assessment, but would be happy to review any pull requests or patches.

    Maybe the best way would be if Alex and Elliot get in contact and both find a solution together.

    anyway, “admin column view” is awesome (found it today). some wordpress plugins are good, some bad, and some are “whooooo someone did this – yeah”. and so is this 🙂

    I just posted a question on a possible solution. Could this be a solution?

    Here the solution :

    in the plugin directory : \wp-content\plugins\admin-column-view
    edit this file : admin-column-view.php

    the line 38 is :

    foreach ($post_types as $post_type => $post_type_obj) {

    put this 3 lines below the line 38 :

    $exclude = array('acf');
    if( TRUE === in_array( $post_type_obj->name, $exclude ) )

    Hope it helps !

    @vayes – Thanks! That worked perfectly!

    @alex King – Would you add this to the next version of the Admin Column View plugin? We’d really appreciate it.

    Its unfortunate situation when both developers just point fingers at each other instead of coming to a solution. At this point AFC has a lot more usefulness so it’s a one or the other, until a fix can be applied and not hacked into place.

    One possible solution for the developer would be to make the list of post types filterable. I’ve submitted a pull request on Github for this, or you can access my modification here:

    Then you can add a filter to functions.php file to select which post types get the admin column menu. A sample function might look like this:

    function my_admin_columns_post_types($post_types) {
    	$post_types = get_post_types(array(
    			'name' => 'page'
    		), 'objects');
    	return $post_types;

    That will apply the Admin Column View only to your Pages menu.

    I’ve had an open pull request on this simple change for a month, with no response. It looks like the developer has given up on this one.

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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