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  • @azimut2000

    Howdy! Thank you for writing the forums.

    Could you describe the symptom a bit more?

    At the moment when it’s discerned that the WP-Cron Control plugin can’t be used, what is happening? (or not happening, as it may be)

    In other words, what are you seeing or experiencing, at the moment, that lets you know that it’s not working?

    I’m looking forward to read your reply, to learn more about the symptom!

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    I’ve installed and i use since a long time WP RSS Agregator… It work very well.

    In order to have better CRON, i have installed WP Cron Control. Your plugin work well on other site that i manage, but on the site where WP RSS Agregator is instaled, WP Cron Control make some bug on WP RSS agregator : it seem that there is conflict between the 2 plugins.

    Each time i try to add a new RSS URL in WP RES Agregator, it is not saved and plugin seem to have strange comportement.

    I tried to analyse code, but i do not seen something and i am not enought professional in developpemnt ๐Ÿ˜‰

    So i can’t say if it’s yours plugin or WP RSS Agregator that have some problem, but before use WP Cron Control, RSS Agregator was good and without problems…


    I’m understanding that a big immediate concern (symptom) is that, with both wp-rss-aggregator and wp-cron-control plugins activated, each time it’s attempted to add a new RSS URL in WP RSS Agregator, it is not saved.

    I tested this on my dev site, and can confirm the symptom.

    I’m also seeing that, when the wp-cron-control plugin is activated, the RSS URL doesn’t become saved. But then when I deactivate the wp-cron-control plugin, I try again and the RSS URL does become saved.

    Hmmm… I also can’t yet say what’s causing this symptom. I’d agree there seems like a conflict between these two plugins. However I can’t yet say what.

    I think it will take some further investigation.

    I tried to turn on WP_DEBUG and tried to reproduce the symtom. However, I didn’t see any relevant debug results. However I’m a n00b at debugging so I don’t know if that was a valid test attempt!

    If I think of a good next step, then I’ll write back here. Would you do the same?

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    OK for me ๐Ÿ˜‰
    I’m going to try to find as well what’s append… But i’m a n00b too !

    Thank’s for support


    Thanks for following up, and for trying to find as well whatโ€™s happening.

    I put some debug code in my dev site and found that, if wp-cron-control plugin is activated, when saving the Feed Source, then code execution is stopping after line 328 of ‘wp-rss-aggregator/includes/admin-metaboxes.php
    Paste of line 328:
    if ( defined( 'DOING_CRON' ) && DOING_CRON )

    This is as far as I got during this troubleshooting sprint — I don’t yet know what this means.

    If I can find anything more, then I’ll again post back here.

    azimut2000, will you write us back with any updates from your end?

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