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  • Do you mean Qtranslate Slug I have it installed too.

    In case you want to change the URLs, you can do it on the top-right side of the posts/pages (given you have Qtranslate Slug active).

    If activated in the Yoast SEO settings (/wp-admin/admin.php?page=wpseo_titles#top#other) you can also translate the Meta Keywords without problems.

    But regarding the modification of the Meta Title and Description, to me it makes no difference whether I have the Qtranslate Slug activated or not. Yoast SEO will always only keep the modified version for BOTH languages. For it to translate I have to clear the fields and stick with the auto-generated values (based on the content’s title and first paragraphs).

    Is it that what you mean?
    Does all work for you if you have Qtranslate Slug deactivated?

    This has nothing to do with Qtranslate Slug – This is the same as I have put in, but place it here too, for you reference.

    There is quite a difference in the behavior of the meta fields, depending on whether I change their values or not and what Yoast SEO version you are using. Let’s see 3 cases, but first the setup:

    WordPress Version 4.4.1 (es_ES)
    – Yoast SEO Version 3.0.7
    – Yoast SEO & qTranslate-X = Version 1.1
    – qTranslate-X version Version
    – qTranslate slug Version 1.1.18

    CASE 1 – WITHOUT changing the Title and Description fields of Yoast SEO

    This is how it looks in the default language (Spanish) ES: – The meta description shows internal code, the rest is normal.

    This is how it looks after switching to English EN: – The meta keyword and title has changed correctly and even the meta description has changed its internal code, only the main SEO evaluation keyword (Palabra clave principal) has kept the Spanish value.

    Sometimes I have also seen the first lines of the text as meta description, so the internal code is not shown always. If I clear the meta description value again, the behavior is as in case 1.

    CASE 2 – WITH changing the Title and Description fields of Yoast SEO

    Here I only need to show the English part, where the corresponding title and description field always keep the last entered values in both languages,

    So if I change the now the English part this will be also shown in the Spanish side:

    CASE 3 – Using Yoast SEO Version 2.3.5

    I deactivated and uninstalled Yoast SEO Version 3.0.7 and then installed Yoast SEO Version 2.3.5 (

    After that all works fine. And although after changing the language Yoast does not change the snippet preview,, it will once you refresh the page. I have also verified the metas of each language in the source code and they are correct.

    For now, I will keep Yoast SEO Version 2.3.5, but would love to know when this problem has been resolved.

    NOTE Qtranslate Slug also works perfectly with BOTH versions of Qtranslate

    Plugin Author John Clause


    Hi All,

    Could you please test the new version: before it is released?

    Let us know what else is not working.

    Do not forget to get the latest qtx too:

    Thanks a lot!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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