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    Firstly, thanks for creating such a good plugin, it’s brilliant except for one problem I’m having issues with that I was hoping you could help with?

    I’m using a plugin called WyPiekacz ( and whenever I activate it (it’s an essential part of my backend) your plugin no longer functions correctly and under the posts tab of your settings, the title and numerous other previously selected and ordered columns disappear or become inactive.

    The WyPiekacz plugin adds an additional column to the end of the posts screen which I would like to maintain.

    I’ve provided some screenshots of the issue:

    When WyPiekacz plugin is deactivated (and working correctly) –

    When WyPiekacz is active (not working correctly) –

    I’m aware that you don’t offer support as such for the ordering of column headings (I have the paid add-on), this is fine.

    I can only assume that if there is a conflict with this plugin then there could well be a conflict with many other plugins that are out there, and that there could potentially be a fix for this?

    I would be grateful if you could offer some support as to how to resolve this issue, or whether you would consider integrating a fix in the next release?


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  • I have the same problem.

    I can confirm problem. We are trying to resolve it our self right now, but help from Admin Columns developer would be nice. 🙂

    Plugin Author Tobias Schutter


    It’s something on our end. I have a fix ready for this in v2.0

    This version is currently in beta. If you could give a try I would appreciate it, you can download it here:

    #1: I have installed v2 on our dev site. But after installing, performing upgrade and adding addons i noticed rather big problem – after click on “Start using Admin Columns” I see “Whats new” page, but columns administration panel is nowhere to be found?

    ( WP with multisite enebled on Nginx/Varnish/W3 TC )

    #2: Link for migration guide is wrong: “full Migrating from v1 to v2 guide”

    #3: Columns administration panel is visibile after click on “Start using Admin Columns” on my localhost WordPress instalation.

    ( WP without multisite, LAMP )

    Plugin Author Tobias Schutter


    The welcome should only trigger once. After is has been displayed it will set a transient cookie. It seems to get deleted, I will have a look.

    For now you could set it in functions.php to overwrite it as I look for a fix:

    set_transient( 'cpac_shown_welcome', true );

    It’s not helping. I’am still getting welcome screen. 🙂 But thanks anyway for fast response. 🙂

    Plugin Author Tobias Schutter


    I made a sandbox with NGINX + Multi Site + W3 Total Cache. But i still cant reproduce the issue.

    When you see the the welcome page;

    Do you see?

    Database Changes
    Make sure you backup your database and then click Upgrade Database

    And does the URL look like?
    1. wp-admin/admin.php?page=codepress-admin-columns
    2. wp-admin/admin.php?page=codepress-admin-columns&info

    Thanks for the help.

    p.s.: Installing Varnish would take me a bit too much time 😉 But it could also be it’s caching, but for now I assume it is not.



    Clicking “Start using Admin Columns” just reloads page.

    I’ve checked debug.log, but i don’t see anything relevant there – only notices from Livefyre.

    I performed database upgrade already, when i’ve seen msg.

    If you need anything I will be on my computer at least for next 5h, and can check whatever is needed.


    only mention of “cpac” in options table for main site is “cpac_options”

    Plugin Author Tobias Schutter


    Thanks for taking the time to squash this bug.

    I enabled some debug info in this latest build:

    Could you give it a try and send me a screenshot of it?


    ——— CPAC DEBUG: START ———

    ——— CPAC DEBUG: END ———

    No other errors,notices etc. displayed or logged.

    Plugin Author Tobias Schutter


    A pretty strange bug, it seems that the set_transient is not working properly or contains a false value which should not exist in the first place. I rewritten the way the welcome screen checks if it has been shown. This should prevent anyone getting stuck in the welcome screen no matter how they got there.

    I pushed a commit if you would like to do I final check.

    OK. Give me a minute. I will check if everything is OK right now. 🙂


    Everything works great now. Thanks very much for your time, and great plugin. 🙂 If i will find any other bugs i will get in touch, like i said in email, this plugin is becoming important part of my WP toolbox – and my clients websites. 😉

    Best regards!

    Plugin Author Tobias Schutter


    Excellent, thanks for the help!

    When can we expect v2.0 to be released?


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