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  • Hi,

    I’m still working on the 3.6 upgrade on two web-sites. In the meantime I verified more or less all plugins. All seems to work fine on my private web-site, but due to the introduction of WPML (migrated from qtranslate), there is more load in the system. So I hoped to overcome some of the impact by using cachify. First it looked good. Great plugin. Simple, almost no options… just works.

    … until today. I wanted to test the upgrade of Nextgen-Gallery form the last “stable” version 1.9.13 to the newest release 2.0.17… And here the problems start. I took me about one hour to sort out some very strange behaviour… to find the conflict, which is Cachify.

    The behaviour is strange. I clear the browser cache, then clear the cachify cache and load a page that contains a picture gallery. This looks good so far.
    Then I hit the browser refresh button… and now the pages does not show correctly anymore. I think some CSS is missing suddenly, until I clear again the Cachify cache… hit reload, displays once correctly, then not anymore. As soon as the page comes out of the cachify cache, it’s not displayed correctly.

    Interestingly, this problems does not happen with nextgen-gallery 1.9.13, only after the upgrade to 2.0.17.
    Also the problem goes aways when disabling Cachify. So it is clearly a conflict between these two.

    Is anyone experiencing a similar issue?

    Thanks, Herbert

    PS: I’m going to post also to NextGen Gallery… unclear where the problem lies.

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