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    WordPress Core Developer

    Where have I expressed a lack of interest?



    Hi Trebly,

    Are you asking the QM authors or the LWA authors?

    From my perspective (LWA), if it’s possible/reasonable I’m always interested in ensuring maximum compatibility with other plugins. I imagine it’s the same for John, who is a well established WP contributor producing quality code.

    Remember that these plugins are free and we maintain/develop these in our spare time, something we don’t always have. Especially with plugin conflicts where both authors may have never used the other plugin, compatibility issues can take time to fix.


    I explain.
    Sorry for the length but you will see that the problem is not simple.

    The basic problem description is :

    • Fill form
    • Submit
    • Get the form back but without error
    • Loop without anyway access to the requested url (i.e. <site>/admin for exemple)

    I summarize the history inside note 1 (detailed messages sent and which remain without answer).

    After quite a long time and several messages to “LWA”, “WP support” and more recently to you “QM”, by verifying each of my explanations (based on my first observations) I have finally discovered the core of the problem, everything I had said before was around, and thought finally about who was involved in several ways and why.

    First of all, everybody is involved (at several levels, “LWA”, “WP basic behavior and login process” and you “QM”).

    • You are involved several times with this subject “integration of the display of “QM” content when login process is involved :
      • because when the login form is submitted as main page (request an admin access and not yet logged in), if the cookie option (QM) is not defined, when the form is submitted and treated by “LWA” with success, automatically the “QM” contents will be displayed because now the user is logged in : the paradox of the process is that the login page is displayed again while the user is logged in while the normal behavior should be to be redirected to the requested url. The is the loop bootstrap.
      • Because when “LWA” is not used but the standard WP login page your “QM” display (which gives your data for the page into a grid at bottom) never occurs (after login success to page is redirected directly to the original url requested (input hidden redirect_to value – the requested original url)
      • This problem seems recurrent : I cannot detail this by sometimes I think to had to load twice some pages to get the “QM” data (into admin top bar), but not sure.

      In my opinion you have nothing to do into your code, but WP core and LWA must care to the fact that it is possible that some pages, as login is performed at same time, can be displayed a second time to include plugins data, which result from the previous action taken in account on server or not (loop in local js). This while something else has changed in others parts of the page and particularly a validation (for example you have saved a change of some data, but the form will be displayed again with the “validate button” still activated (as nothing had happened) while it should be disabled while nothing else has been changed since the validation (this is exactly what happens in our present case for the login form, but it is not the unique case).
      You are involved as an actor to obtains some (little) changes into the main processes of pages validation handled by WP core or by plugins which lead “QM” or others plugins using Ajax to display data after an action.

    • “LWA” is involved because when it gets a valid login and that the “QM” then displays his data it must offer the capability to the user to launch the requested url (look at note2 how I workaround). Probably with a timer because, if not, an automatic reload of an admin page should be displayed without user action if the user is previously correctly logged in (this verification of the logged in of the user is an elegant way to generates an automatic cascading log of waiting pages for log after a browser restore)
    • WP core is involved to take in account and invite plugin developer to care to the fact that after a validation their current page can be displayed again even validated because another plugin came and has changed some content elements, they must introduce, for this case, a second level “validation” in such case with “validation OK” and button “Quit page” for example.

    Philosophically this problem come from the fact that your plugin is an “observer” which modifies the behavior of the “object observed”.

    I must at the end explain a little the practical consequences :

    • When you log for first time you must use any of the workarounds (note2)
    • When your browser reloads several admin page when you are not yet logged in, this is terrible because you get the form for each page, and you have to repeat the workaround for each one.

    Sorry for the length of this text but the subject cannot be explained clearly in a shorter way (for my current knowledge)… I have not found any other way (note : I have propose to send a movie – link to download, a few mo).
    More, first, I have : not connected the phenomenon with “QM”… and not understood the process problem.

    Sorry this my “catch-thread”, in one way it reflects exactly the truth, there are often no way to get a reaction from the plugins authors when you give first, detailed explanations, in the second way it is the first time that I used such a way to raise a question. I have needed several hours and message writing to find a good way to have a good presentation of the subject which is not simple (see note 4).

    My first message was two week ago without any answer. I got quite the same situation for questions sent to “WP support and “LWA”. You will find the link to my messages to each one in note3.

    Best regards

    First I met a problem in login process with full form, to connect as admin.
    I summarize :

    • Fill form
    • Submit
    • Get the form back but without error
    • Loop without access to the requested url (i.e. <site>/admin for exemple)

    Then I have submitted the problem by sending a message to “LWA” : answer : “not involved”, see WP support. This was near one month ago.
    WP support as not answered (two years ago)… and give me advice to write to you (two weeks ago)

    Testing again after first LWA messages, I discover a lot of various case with same basic problem : The form was returned without error and on access
    note2 : I found two ways to workaround :

    1. go into debug mode : copy the value of redirect input and use it as main url : if url was successful it will be normally executed
    2. use of another bug : produce an error in login, the next login even successful will not display the “QM” data and behave as default WP login redirecting immediately to the requested url.


    note3 : link to same subject on others forums
    “LWA” : When disconnect the login loops while all tabs opened are not closed
    “WP support” (two year ago no answer) : Login request repeated for each page after the restart after a navigator crash
    “WP support” (1week 3day – no answer to my last reply) : Coherence problem between plugin lwa (login with ajax) and query-monitor

    note4 : to John “lack of interest” : no reaction to my first alert at all even it was not so clear. I have send this to “QM” which have a fine and very well done plugin and the same for “LWA” (first to answer but probably bored… by the length of my messages)
    Perfectly aware of plugins developers problems. I have myself 3 or 4 plugins and theme and patched near ten plugins (which is a main problem when main WP version is upgraded) in test and I had discussions with more that ten developers).

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    No answer, four cases :

    • My last question (detailed) seems to be not understandable
    • My question is too long, nobody have time to spend to this case and can take care anyway of such a case
    • You do not fill involved at all or you could not verify the case and think that it not necessary to tell it to me
    • You plan to answer and perform test but you had no time to tell me that you have decided to be involved

    Nevertheless if I uses “QM” and “LWA” I cannot connect to my site without complex workaround.
    Is it a very particular case to be an admin using both these plugins ?
    Note : Since my last message I have upgraded the whole site (wp8 and last stable versions of php and mysql) wihtout any change in behavior.

    Best regards




    Hi Trebly,

    My last reply covers this 🙂

    Remember that these plugins are free and we maintain/develop these in our spare time, something we don’t always have. Especially with plugin conflicts where both authors may have never used the other plugin, compatibility issues can take time to fix.

    Pretty sure John will be busy with WordCamp EU which is this week, so you could give another week before expecting a reply, and I myself have various commitments that take priority. Your question is also very long and would take time to properly go through and debug, so I’d ask for patience and hopefully we’ll be able to reproduce/fix this in the near future.



    About the length of explanation and complexity I have the following answer :

    Look at the video into the folder pointed (1mn)

    and note :

    • This doesn’t happen if lwa is not activated, QM report is never displayed
    • This doesn’t happen if QM is not activated (when login successes the redirection is immediately activated

    there are three solutions :

    • QM solution : when QM report is displayed a little script checks the login and shows a button “you are now logged in, don’t care of the form and hit this button to redirect to requested url”. when hit location is changed to the url “redirect_to value”.
    • LWA solution : quite the same : after that login successes the form is inactivated and a quite same button is displayed and same action taken when hit. note that if automatic action is taken the QM report will never be displayed
    • WP core : more complex because it must manage all cases, I don’t detail this, but what is sure is that if nothing is done the QM report is never displayed when LWA is not activated

    Best regards


    Note : another workaround is to inactivate LWA or QM before leaving an admin session.


    Are you preparing an answer ?

    A little complement:
    About what happens when your browser have reconnected a folder (group of documents being currently in edition for modifications) you can look at how to reconnect several tabs when you use LWA and QM

    Best regards

    note 1: this is the exact copy of what I have send today to LWA developer.
    note 2 : I am completely aware of the job of plugins developers I just try to do so that a true problem is followed, particularly when several persons are involved



    Sorry for the delay, this is quite a lot of info to get through.

    I have tested this, and I can’t reproduce any problems. Could you please try to provide steps specifically to reproduce the problem, including any relevant settings that trigger the issue?

    That said, I had not used this plugin until just now, and it’s a debugging plugin, meaning not for production. In theory you’d remove that plugin for any live site, so I am not sure whether this is worth even considering a fix for given that you can just test LWA stuff without QM, keep working on your site and then go live without QM.


    To understand something in what happens the context must necked.

    I have tested the login process (main login page) with and without LWA and no other plugin.
    It seems that there is a problem with LWA with the main “loginform” after disconnection (no widget nor login panel for reconnect problem) because when used the log in successes but the page is not redirected.
    Because of the LWA load the basic submit of WP doesn’t function any more.
    This is the first point to solve.

    For QM the first separate problem, in my opinion, is the following :

    1. what should happen, and what happens, when you submit the main login form to re-log (login) the admin after disconnection, does the QM panel (that you can see on my video) is displayed or not ?
    2. If it is displayed how you can reach the reconnect_to (to find in debug mode the “input hidden”

    Are you able to :

    1. Disconnect from admin homepage (this displays the main login page with message “you are now disconnected”)
    2. Reconnect and display QM report for this login page
    3. Access the main admin home page

    QM is not a debugging plugin. During production it is transparent, it has effect only for admin or if admin has activated a cookie on the computer. This allows to get a report of loading process. This gives information for debug surely but mostly execution time which is tuning steps of generation of pages.
    It is then used without changes on the site to understand why there can be long time to load some pages.

    I have said “incompatibility between the plugins” it is wrong, but there are problems with each of them with the login page, not in any other case.

    Best regards




    Hi Trebly,

    I’m able to log in and out without a problem, and when redirected to another page, QM shows on the toolbar.

    I’m having a hard time understanding your explanations, partially due to their length and also the language used (I assume you’re not a native english speaker). I understand you’re trying to be helpful and explain things as fully as possible, but I’m just not getting the problem.

    I’d suggest you post some screenshots of the exact problem, or a video so we can see the steps taken, as simply as possible. Also, a screenshot of your LWA settings may help too.

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