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    I have installed this plugin which is one the most flexible and complete for COD handling. Congratulations!

    I am having a problem though in “Cash on Delivery” settings: you allow “opening” up the “Charge extra fee differently for shipping zone” per zone and shipping method, BUT not for each particular “shipping method title”, ie if I create two different Flat Rates within the same zone (eg for different prices and delivery times), you don’t have the two below discriminated to allow for different charges, but only the “Flat Rate” type, implying that the COD charge will apply for both the same way, despite the fact that I would want it to apply to only one.

    To circumvent this, as I have Flexible Shipping, this plugin creates an extra method of shipping which is Flexible Rate. So, I in the “Enable for shipping methods” option I choose only Flexible Rate so that COD and its charges set below should apply only to that method. However, this is not working => when I go live, it always gives a message that COD is not available, independently of the method the client chooses. However, if in “Enable for shipping methods” I choose Flat Rate it works fine.

    The exact same problem occurs when using an alternative plugin : WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping.

    Can you help please?

    For reference, I have the last versions of wordpress, woocommerce and your plugin installed.

    Thank you,

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  • Sorry mate. I had already responded but directly to the email… thoought you had received it.

    Anyway, I replicated the test and the result is exactly the same. When I choose Table Rate in backend, COD does not show when it should show, even though the message (of COD not available) correctly does not display.

    Sorry …


    Plugin Author Stratos Vetsos


    Did you update to the latest version?
    Yes I know I already told you that this is an issue of the table rate shipping plugin.
    If you completely disable our plugin you will see that COD is still unavailable when you use the WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping.

    My question is about our latest version.
    I developed the part you asked, to give options to charge differently for all the shipping methods of a shipping zone even of the same type ( e.g field rate 1, field rate 2 )


    You are right!! We can now customize for each flat rate within each zone.

    This is very good news mate!! Thank you very much. Excellent upgrade!


    Plugin Author Stratos Vetsos


    No problem at all!
    You’ll help us a lot if you rate the plugin.

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    I have done you justice in the review mate!

    In the meantime, I leave you with something you might want to do. In my case it would do me a great service.

    You opened all the combinations of methods within zones to allow different customization which is great. However, the only thing missing there is the possibility of enabling or disabling COD one by one. As is, all combinations are COD but we just want some of those to be, not all.


    Plugin Author Stratos Vetsos


    Already done my friend, in the last update.
    Find “Disable on specific shipping methods of zones” setting!

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    Damn… you deserve 6 stars mate!!

    This is awesome!!

    Thank you !!!!

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    Hi Stratos, sorry for posting here but I have the same issue regarding and your plugin.
    I followed this conversation created a similar scenario but I have a problem.
    I want the cod fee to be hidden when free shipping is active (zone Greece) and also from another method I have created with Table Rate Shipping plugin (zone Cyprus). This zone has 2 separate shipping options created by the plugin.
    Although I used the Disable on those shipping methods
    to hide COD fee from thems it shows anyway.
    Am I missing something here?
    Again sorry for reopening this issue.

    Plugin Author Stratos Vetsos


    Hi antonis,
    No problem at all.

    I just replicated your scenario and I haven’t found any issues.
    I disabled free shipping on zone “Greece”, and table rate shipping on zone “Cyprus” ( I even added two shipping options, just like you on Cyprus through table rate shipping plugin – Shipping option A, Shipping Option B ).

    If I select Greece with free shipping, or Cyprus with Shipping Option A or Shipping Option B, the COD option is disabled. This is how things should work right?

    What versions of the plugins you tested with?
    My test was made with WooCommerce Smart COD 1.4.7 and Table Rate Shipping 4.0.3 and WooCommerce 3.2.5.

    Are you sure that in our plugin you selected “Disable” and not “Enable” on the field “Disable on specific shipping methods of zones”?

    Best Regards

    Plugin Author Stratos Vetsos


    Hi again,

    And the table rate shipping plugin version?
    Best Regards

    It’s 4.0.3 version

    Hello again,
    I updated Woocommerce to version 3.2.5 and the problem is gone!
    Thank very much for your help. Much appreciated!!
    5 stars for the plugin.
    Kind regards,

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