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  • Tom



    I’m using the following code to add custom profile fields to user profiles so they can be output on the front end (in an authorbox at the end of single.php and alike):

    // Replace user profile fields
    function add_twitter_contactmethod( $contactmethods ) {
      // Add Twitter
      if ( !isset( $contactmethods['twitter'] ) )
        $contactmethods['twitter'] = 'Twitter url';
      if ( !isset( $contactmethods['facebook url'] ) )
        $contactmethods['facebook'] = 'Facebook url';
      if ( !isset( $contactmethods['gplus'] ) )
        $contactmethods['gplus'] = 'GPlus url';
      // Remove Yahoo IM
      if ( isset( $contactmethods['yim'] ) )
        unset( $contactmethods['yim'] );
      // Remove AIM
      if ( isset( $contactmethods['aim'] ) )
        unset( $contactmethods['aim'] );
      // Remove Jabber/ Google Talk
      if ( isset( $contactmethods['jabber'] ) )
        unset( $contactmethods['jabber'] );
      return $contactmethods;
    add_filter( 'user_contactmethods', 'add_twitter_contactmethod', __('add_facebook_contactmethod', __('add_gplus_contactmethod', 10, 1 )));

    However with your plugin enabled, it removes my custom fields from the users profile page in the back-end.

    Can you give any hints as to why this is happening?


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  • Plugin Author Peter Shilling


    hmmm not sure about that

    We use

    $galink_contactmethods[‘galink_profile’] = ‘Google Profile URL’;

    for this plugin so it’s not doubling up on the namespace…

    Thread Starter Tom


    Very strange,

    I’m now wondering if it’s perhaps some kind of conflict between your plugin, this custom function that I’m using, and also the AIOSP plugin because that’s also behaving oddly… it’s taking the Google+ URL automatically from the G+ profile field in the user profile and inserting it to the head of the all pages:

    <link rel="author" href="" />

    This occurs even with your plugin disabled, but I’m now wondering if perhaps there’s some conflict in the database (from when your plugin WAS turned on). I’ll try & look into this further and let you know if I can find anything


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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