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  • Hi

    I’m so excited about this plug, old Steempress too, and i’m glad i can ask for support.

    I have problems, with Steempress, and the nex Exxp too, it seems that is not very compatible with Sportspress plugin.

    The problem:
    In admin, if i go, for example, to put a new match, or a new Club, or some options of Sportspress plugins (witch are posts format), the Exxp (Steempress) block is not showed:

    If i go, for example, to make new match, and i add the Video for that match, click on Update the match, the Exxp (Steempress) informations apears, but, are mixed somehow there, totaly mess there.

    The Exxp block is not showing, until i add an embed iframe code video for that match, and click on “Update” the match:

    The good news is, that the post is created on Blockchain, but, for example, if i set in Steempress to create post after 5 min on hive, the post is created 2 hours BEFORE the time of the match that is scheduled in Sportspress “Match”:

    It is doing automaticaly that, with all scheduled matched, and doesn’t not respect set in Exxp of 5 minutes after to post.

    With Exxp not tested yet put new matches, but i think, the problems are the same, because, it does the same issues, no matter if Exxp plugin or Steempress plugin is active.

    I would be so thankfull, if you can fix this issues with Sportspress plugin.

    Many thanks in advance

    George Getejanc

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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