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    2.8.2 I’ve been using the Amazon Widgets Shortcode plugin quite successfully with 2.8.x, but today I tried to use the plugin to point to an Amazon product with my my affiliate code, etc. on the website and it won’t work. It just puts up a generic product widget for with my affiliate code embedded in it and links to a generic page there. Here’s a link to the page with the product widget on it so you can see exactly what I’m talking about:

    Tenchi Muyo! Movie Edition Trilogy [JP Import] Blu-ray Box Review

    You can see the Amazon product widget right under the cover art and bullet list aligned right of the review ratings.

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  • Indeed and it’s strange as the generated code is considering Japanese Amazon location.

    Had you this problem since you upgraded your plugin version? Or at another precise time?

    The product displayed is the generic display when a product can’t be found/does not correspond to the proper Amazon region.

    Well I found the problem: the URL used for the Japanese product widget is slightly different than for other countries on 1 parameter.

    If you had no problem before, it can mean they changed it but it would be strange.

    Anyway, if you overwrite the plugin with the development version, it should solve the problem.

    I’ll wait for some other eventual feedbacks to ship many fixes at once rather than annoying everybody with a minor update.

    Thanks and sorry for the delay in responding. I’ve been overwhelmed with work lately — up to my eyeballs. I’ll give that a try! 🙂

    I overwrote the plugin with the development version and it works now with the ASIN. If I come across any issues with any of the other Amazon sites, I’ll be sure to keep you updated. Thanks again!


    Well no problem for the delay. I also know the life of a busyman 😉

    I’m pleased your problem is solved. Feel free to report me any problem. Especially as I don’t speak japanese so I navigate by eye in the japanese Amazon affiliate website 😉

    PS: if you could just mark the problem as resolved (on the top right column), it would great 🙂

    Okay, marked as resolved, and, yes, I also navigate by eye. Sometimes I use Babelfish to help translate as well. 😉

    This problem is also now fixed with the fresh 1.5.1 version. You can upgrade safely to it 🙂 It contains the fix applied in the dev version you used.

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