• Hi,

    I will try to explain as well as I can our problem. It’s been happening for some months.

    When we create a new page and want to use the backend editor (Visual Composer), some weird things happen, like ghost text blocks, duplicated items… If you work with the classic editor, everything is fine, the shortcodes work fine.

    We are using Porto theme and Visual Composer and I contacted both support teams. Both of them said that the problem was the other one. So I have been troubleshooting by myself.

    In the beginning I thought that it was a incompatibility problem, so I tried:
    – Disactivate all the plugins and see if it works.
    – I update everything, both plugins and theme.
    – To avoid possible code modifications between Porto and VC, I tried to reinstall both in different orders: VC -> Porto, Porto -> VC, Porto -> VC (with Porto plugin management page)…
    – I downgrade both to some older versions.

    Nothing worked for me. Desperately, I tried to create a new installation with only the theme, VC and the required plugins of the theme. It worked perfectly, but when I tried this in the running version, it didn’t work.

    So if in a fresh installation works, I think that there is no incompatibility between them and that the problem must be something in my WordPress files.

    Is this correct? What can I do to continue troubleshooting? I don’t want to start the web again because it’s quite big, with a lot of users…

    Thanks in advance. Regards.

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    Hi @camarabelux

    Have you tried re-installing WordPress?

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    First of all, thanks for your reply.

    Yes, I’ve tried it too but without success.

    The thing is that the same pack (porto + porto plugins + vc + ultimate addons for vc) works if it’s a new installation but not in the running version.

    I’ve also created a local version of the web and deleting all the other plugins. No success.

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    Very odd. Are there any console errors?

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    When we load the page, there are lots of css warnings and two js warnings, but no errors. When we make any change (add element, copy an element…) there are no errors in the console.

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