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  • I did several searches for my problem, or a similar one, but I came up with nothing. Please point me in the right direction if I’ve just missed a topic that is relevant.

    My site ( has been linked several times (no more than 10 or so) from other cocktail-related blogs, but I see no incoming links in my dashboard. Nor does Technorati show any.

    Points of interest:

    • The blogs that linked me ping Technorati.
    • is actually an add-on domain (using cpanel) of or
    • I had some early problems with the add-on domain and WP working 100% properly, so I ended up making sure all references in the database pointed to and not the add-on domain. This, of course, fixed any issues and all has been working fine.
    • I ping Technorati, and my new posts show up within an hour or so in their listings and searches.
    • In looking through my logs I see that I have a TON of failed referrer reports… all for pages that actually work.

    Short of just getting another server for the blog, do you have any suggestions as to why the incoming links may not be showing up?

    Any help would be most… helpful. Thanks!

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  • Interestingly, Technorati has started displaying my links (at 4, which sounds about right).

    Also interestingly, my WP dashboard says I have 0 incoming links…

    Any thoughts?

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