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  • When I log into my Dashboard, I noticed that the last “incoming links” link on my blog is from December or so. It hasn’t been updated despite the prevalence of many brand new links. What can I do to fix this?


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  • someone tell me they’ve heard of this before… please 🙂

    help 🙁

    I have also noticed this. It just shows the same links for almost the last full week.

    Odd i think…

    It’s been over a week. It’s been months for me. 🙁 It used to update daily.

    First of all, how does Incoming Links work? Maybe the connection needs to be established there so I can isolate the problem.

    Okay, this is incredibly annoying. I click on “More links” and Technorati clearly shows that there are incoming links from as recent as a few hours ago.

    Why doesn’t it show on my Dashboard?


    there is no need to keep posting over and over, all you do is get ignored and get people mad. this is a forum not a live chat..

    incoming links will only show up if someone clicks a link that points to your blog, so with the technorati link you gave up if no one click the links to your posts, it will not show as incoming posts, make sense?

    my blog shows incoming links from other blogs all the time, but technorati not very often.

    best of luck.

    iscifi, thank you for the lesson in online etiquette. However, I’ve been a member of this forum long enough to know that often posts get pushed down and are ignored because newer posts take precedence. That is why I bumped it up. As you can tell, I only bumped it up twice, and then I replied to someone, and then I posted a more recent discovery rather than “posting over and over” (with the same meaningless message).

    People *have* clicked on those links (in fact, I did myself to verify the credibility of the claim that it’s not working) and there has been no change in the Dashboard.

    Therefore, it *is* a problem, and this issue still remains unresolved.

    Ya I understand that you still have an issue.
    A matter of face I don’t see technorati on my dashboard, but there have been incoming links based on my apache logs, hmm. I found on my site that I had a link called TEST almost 5 months old and the post was deleted and it showed up in my dashboard as an incoming link, it has since been removed from technor… I wonder what the deal is if other sites have incoming links and the dashboard shows that?

    Right, that’s why I am hoping that this issue is given proper attention. 🙂

    I don’t really know if Technorati *is* the source of the Incoming Links, but the “More Links” indicates that it is polling information from there to some extent. Regardless, the newest link in my Dashboard is from December 2006, which is 6 months ago! 🙁

    Wow, mass update. I guess this thing is working, though it’s not as frequent as it used to be. I guess it’s resolved, though if someone has greater insight into how these links get generated on the backend, I’d love to hear it.




    That content is pulled from technorati.. therefore….

    instead of cluttering up this site with not-so-useful complaints and updates – take it over to They do have a support forum there too you know.

    Consider this — if you were aggregating a feed off a friends site (a feed that you knew worked previously).. and the feed stopped working, would you talk your friend, or would you ask here?

    Hopefully you would ask your friend. Technorati is your friend..

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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