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  • Hi all,

    On my dashboard, a couple of the sites listed under ‘Incoming Links’ do NOT have any links to my site in their sites/articles, thus they’re not valid incoming links. I’m trying to understand how/where WP/Technorati are recognizing them as valid links when a search of the site/page in question does not show any reference to my site whatsoever. is there is a way to remove/delete/nullify such fake links? These sites do not show up under trackbacks, they only appear under ‘Incoming Links’.


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  • I’m not positive about how the WordPress system works, but I do know that, when it comes to seeing where you users are coming from when using a regular stat program (I use Webalizer – comes with my hosting package), this is a common occurrence.

    If the “Incoming Links” thing in WordPress is working in the same manner, you don’t have anything to be upset about. It’s only showing you the refering page that the end user came from – in other words, the site that the user was visiting before coming to your site.

    Doesn’t mean there’s a link to your site. It just means that’s the page the user was at before visiting you. The person coul dhave you bookmarked and just cliked your link from their “favorites” list. Or they could have been in a conversation with someone and they typed in your URL.

    That’s all there is to it. It’s not a “fake link” – it’s just where they were right before coming to see you.

    Again, I don’t know if that’s how the WordPress system works, and it’s just showing you your referer logs – but if so, then that’s what’s happening.

    Well, I have a totally different view on this and I don’t think those “incoming links” are referral sites.

    It happens many times that I get an incoming link from a new blog which pinged T. when started. The link is coming because they installed one of my themes and that has a link to my site. However, if I happen to click to see that site a day later, they already have a totally different theme installed… but T. still “thinks” they link to me 🙂

    Interesting update: the non-link just dissapeared! Altogether odd, but not unwelcome.

    Doodlebee, ‘Incoming Links’on the dashboard do refer to sites linking to you; clicking the ‘more’ link takes you to Technorati page showing the same list of blogs/posts linking to yours.

    I use ShortStat to view referrer sites, recent entries viewed, etc.

    Unfortunately, all of the links on my dashboard but one appear to be coming from my own site! There is only one link that is coming from another site. How is it that I have all these links that seem to be coming from my own site? It’s crazy!

    Dread, you are probably “pinging” your own posts by putting links from one post to another.
    Use relative links and the self-pinging will go away.
    i.e. instead of
    use this

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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